Indian sherwani


Indian Sherwani

The origin of sherwani can be found in Central Asia during the times when it was the dress code of the Turkish and Persian nobles in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. In the late 18th century, almost every man wore sherwani, during those times as this attire did not restrict itself only to the nobles, but became the traditional dress of the common man. Sherwani is the national dress of men in Pakistan. Whereas, in India, it is primarily worn on the occasion of traditional family functions.

Men usually wear Sherwani for their wedding. Sherwani comes in silk fabric with hand embroidery and is been designed to match with the Lehenga. Sherwanis are worn with matching turbans, stoles and mojaris or juttis. For wedding reception men also wear Indian designer mens suit with embroidery, also referred as Indo-westerns or Jodhpuri Suits. During smaller events like Mehendi men do wear Kurta Pajama or dhoties.

Sherwani is the unique attire of men's clothing for wedding. Purchasing the Sherwani in readymade size spoils its attraction for which it is known. It needs measurements and should be purchased custom made. Fabrics used to make sherwani range from brocade to terry wool.

Sherwani Churidar pyjama or Jodhpurs (breeches) are used as lower garments with sherwani instead of pants which are the modern attire as we use with western jackets. Safas (turbans) worn as headgear and Mojaris (juti) are worn instead of shoes. All of them when worn together with sherwani makes a complete wedding dress. Mojaris are generally made with the same fabric from which the sherwani is made with the touch of same embroidery work with which sherwani is adorned. Sherwani is a long coat, it has buttons in the front with ban collars. The sherwani looks good well below the knees, and looks elegant especially if the groom is tall. The sherwanis are available in many colors. Off-white, beige and cream shades are more popular amongst men.

For giving a different look one may try out black and other darker shades. Sherwani can be of various types, the Peshawri and the Baloochi, and are usually covered with embroidery and zardozi work. Turban is an important part of Indian sherwani, flowing kurtas with churidars and jooties or Indian sandals.

Sherwani is a long coat resembling achkan in styling. The attire of Sherwani is buttoned upto the collar and lengthwise it is usually below the knee. It adds to the charm and grace of men, especially the taller ones. Indian men spend lavishly on buying the sherwani suit for the special occasion of their wedding. This traditional clothing for Indian men is witnessing marvelous growth in its demand. In India, men don Sherwani over the Kurta and Churidar pajama. As a part of fashion, Sherwani is sometimes teamed with Kurta and sherwani. To know more about traditional sherwanis in India, read on.

As the changing times these days Sherwanis are coming up in a variety of styles, patterns and designs. Even in fabric, there are enormous options available to exercise choice from. The higher the price you are ready to spend, the more intricately designed sherwanis you can choose from. The sherwani suit fits quite close to the body and this is what lends it elegance. Thus, fitting is of utmost importance, as it has the capability to make or mar the whole look. In the present era, the entire embroidery work is done with machine. When it comes to ornamentation and the sherwanis are embellished with varied kinds of artwork such as beads, mirrors, sequins and embroidery. Unlike the bygone times, today, men wear Sherwani only on the informal occasions such as wedding or some family cultural function.

Prices of Sherwanis usually start from Rs. 2000 and go higher depending on the quality of the material and intricacy of crafting. Although the prices do seem high for a beginning, it does seem justified for a one-time occasion like a wedding. If you searching for something elegant and unique, a Sherwani might just be the right thing for you. Dress yourself up in the hottest of ethnic attires, and keep the eyeballs glued onto you.

To fully understand the background of these men's dress material and design, you have to go back into the history of ancient India. As you might be aware already, India was a country ruled by Maharajas (Kings), prior to the British rule three hundred years back. While the peasants and ordinary citizens wore common dresses, made of cotton in those days, Kings and Nobles, owing to their wealthy status, showed off their social status by wearing ostensible dresses made of pure silk, which were very costly ever and even today.

Traditional Sherwanis are symbols of Royal splendor, worn by Maharajas daily and Nobles and Courtiers of the King wore them frequently, though not daily. Sherwani is a long coat for men, and an outfit best suited for pajamas or dhotis worn beneath it. There is tremendous scope for the artists in embellishing the Sherwani, with innumerable decorations, embroidery by yarn or stones, sequin dress work and a lot more. The accessories that go with Sherwani are Cravats (Long towels), scarves made of silk or linen material and a Turban on the head, which is also an artifact of its own, by the designs.

Sherwani commands a magnificent place in the wardrobe of the Indian Male. The Sherwani is an elegant enbodiment of royalty, sartorial elegance, and dashing style. Generally, not a part of the everyday wear, the Ethnic Sherwani is closely associated with special occasions including wedding, festivals, engagements, family get-togethers, traditional rituals, and ceremonies, etc. Sherwani is an exclusive traditional garment of knee length with buttons in the front, commonly worn by the bridegroom and other men during wedding. Uniquely and sedulously designed for adding glamor, sartorial elegance and style, these Designer Sherwanis for men are available quite economically in different styles, embroideries, colors, and designs. The range of aesthetic embroideries on Designer Sherwanis include the chikankari embroidery, phulkari, jaal work, Kantha, Kashmiri, and Kashida embroideries. These exclusive designer sherwanis are available with Designer Churidars and Designer Kurtas.