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About  AngapradashinamAngapradashinam is One of the Most Sacred Rituals

Angapradashinam is one of the most sacred rituals followed by the Hindus which mean rolling in the prostrated position.Angapradhakshanam is a Sanskrit word where "angam" means body and "pradhakshanam" means coming round the temple in a clock-wise direction. Usually pray and then wet their body and clothes with the sacred water located in the temple pond and then start rolling around the premises. Angapradashinam is mainly done by the people who pray to God requesting to fulfill their wishes and desires. They usually fast at such times. The Sanskrit word Pradakshina when prefixed and suffixed, the former word "Pra" means beginning/ commencement and "Dakshina" means right side which mainly refers to the clockwise circumambulation, which is a part of the 16 fold seva in any spiritual puja.

About  Angapradashinam Ritual of Angapradashinam-

-Not only people who want their desires to be fulfilled take up the ritual of Angapradashinam but also pilgrims who visit the temple will lie totally on the ground and roll over completing one round of sanctum santorum of the temple. Angapradashinam is also referred by the name Sayanapradikshanam by the Keralites which again means rolling around the temple through the pathway in lying position with both the hands kept above the head with palms put together as if praying. The devotees see to that they roll in such a way that their head is always facing the temple/idol or the main pragaharam. The telugu people refer to Angapradashinam as 'porludandaalu'.Angapradashinam is generally one of the hard way of doing penance to satisfy God and the people of Hinduism in India believe this theory mainly to overcome the tough situations of life and also to attain what they wish or desire.

About  AngapradashinamScientific Reason Behind Angapradashinam -

Scientific Reason Behind Angapradashinam
There are lots of mentions about such hard penance in ancient stories where Goddess Sachi Devi sacrificed herself for getting the love of Lord Shiva and could achieve His love as Goddess Paarvati Devi. Thus many such stories made the Hindus to follow and believe this ritual very strong for their welfare and success.Though there are few people who are not against such hard penance for they believe in the fact that God never punishes or accepts the same from people for God is an attribution of Love. There are some scholars who say that the scientific reason behind Angapradashinam is that it is a custom developed by the people itself so that they dedicate their full concentration on whatever they will have to achieve. This is not more of a material object what the devotee wishes but other noble desires in life which will completely involve ourselves in the particular act which will not even create any distraction of mind and thus we become successful.

About  AngapradashinamWay of Angapradashinam Ritual

-Thus by this way of Angapradashinam ritual one is able to focus or fix his mind in a desired object and helps to reach a target. Sometimes Angapradashinam is done on the leaves. The ritual of Angapradashinam is also followed by the Tibetans where they do parikramaa' of Kailash. Thus Angapradashinam is a practice born out of devotion and while such ritual is followed by the devotees we are supposed to take the concept of purity ingrained in the psyche. Angapradashinam is mainly done with wet clothes for they believe once we pour the sacred water on us, our clothes and body gets free from pollution and is correct according to the grihya sutra' and 'shrouta Sutra' of sages like Aapastanbha, Bodhayana, etc.