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Baby DroppingSignificance of Baby TossingBaby Dropping

Baby DroppingChildren's Rights Groups have put an end to the practice of Baby Tossing

According to the children's rights groups which have put an end to the practice of Baby tossing ritual which not only sounds cruel but also true. In this ritual of Baby tossing at the time of annual events celebrated in temples the babies or the infants are thrown or dropped by a priest and then caught in a blanket by the viewers standing down. Shouting, weeping babies are dropped from several meters into the air, and there are a group of 14 to 15 men standing right below, holding a blanket that breaks the baby's fall. Once the child bounces on the blanket, men surrounding there or who are placed in charge hand over the babies to the readily waiting mother. And it really takes a long time for the child to come out or to recover from this trauma or shock of what has happened to it.

Baby DroppingPractice of Baby Tossing can be termed as Barbaric-

-This practice of baby tossing can even be named very barbaric for it might lead to a great distress as the child is plunged towards the ground. The origin of the baby tossing ritual is not known clearly for it has been practiced since ancient times till recently where it is barred. Not only the Hindus but also the Muslims in certain parts of India follow this ritual for they believe by doing this it is good for the child's health and its welfare. The devotees strongly believe that it is their religious duty to take such risks. Once the child lands safely after the tossing the crowd celebrates wildly, passing each infant around before returning them to their mothers. But however it is a trauma for the child with crumpled face and loads of tears.

Baby DroppingBrutal Act of Baby Tossing Been Practiced for 700 Years -

Brutal Act of Baby Tossing
This brutal act of baby tossing is being practiced for the past 700 years both by the Hindus and the Muslims in some parts of India. This ritual mainly takes place only once a year and it is considered to shower good luck and keep the baby safe in good health.

Not only has this been told to bring good for the child but also for the entire family members. But still all these facts cannot be considered for it is highly traumatic for a child.

Though this ritual is generally meant for babies less than 2 years of age, and is so absurd that it seems to blatantly defy all reason and logic.

Baby DroppingHuman Rights Commission and Child Welfare Committee

-But still even today in spite of strong opposition by the Human Rights Commission and Child Welfare Committee, the people in some parts of India are quite staunch in their belief that this banned ritual is still continued in some parts of the country like at the Digameshwara temple in Nagrala village, Karnataka. It is also been noticed that when the child is tossed up by the priest he not even pay heeds to where the child lands up. It is a must for the government to educate such people who are still in for such barbaric practices. Though there are no records saying that babies have been injured by the baby tossing but still it can be stamped as India's most bizarre ritual for mistakes can happen at any time.