Banana Tree in Weddings


Banana Tree SignificanceBanana Tree in WeddingsBanana Tree Significance

Banana Tree SignificanceThe Banana Tree is Known for its Eternal Evergreen Factor Plantain or the Banana tree is known for its eternal evergreen factor thereby signifying an endless generation. No auspicious function can take place without the use of the plantain tree in India especially in the south of the country. It is an universally accepted fact that the plantain tree is known for its multi-purpose benefit like the banana stem which is used for both consumption and medicinal values. Oil and herbal medicines are made from the florets of the plantain tree. The most liked and wanted fruit by all groups is only the great banana. The leaves are in wide traditional use for it is an important component of serving food in the whole of South East Asia and it is a kind of respect given to the guests when food is served in this leaf. It is also used in wrapping of food. Thus the list of the use of plantain tree is endless.

Banana Tree SignificanceWedding House of Both the Bride and the Groom With Two Banana Trees

-Thus this factor of ever green and ever providing benefit of the plantain tree is symbolized in a wedding so that the married couple are also blessed with all the beneficial facts. The role of plantain trees has been extreme both at the time of Mesopotamians and the Indus valley civilization. It is a traditional custom among the Hindus to flank the entrance of the wedding hall and the wedding house of both the bride and the groom with two banana trees only to symbolize that the life of the married couple should be evergreen and should lead an endless relationship and be showered with all the prosperity with progeny's for generations to come. Also the plantain tree signifies to the bride and the groom to lead a life like the plantain tree which gives a lot but in return expects nothing.

Banana Tree SignificanceThe Plantain Tree Occupies its Position Not Only in the Wedding Place -

Banana Tree Tradition
The plantain tree occupies its position not only in the wedding place for no auspicious functions particularly in South India takes place in the absence of either as a plantain tree or its various parts.

As a part of the pre- wedding ceremony the plantain tree is worshipped followed by a pooja where the bride touches the plantain and prays for eternal happiness and prosperity for all the future generations.

For most of the Kalasa pooja plantain leaves are used on top of which the rice is spread and then the kalasa is installed on it.

No matter how expensive the plantain trees are the Hindus never fail to compromise on the banana trees for with fruit it symbolizes fertility.