History About Bihari Wedding

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Bihari WeddingBalancing Earthen PotsBihari Wedding

Bihari WeddingBalancing of Earthen Pots by the Bride

The balancing of earthen pots by the bride is a very interesting post wedding ritual which is brought in action by the grooms family when the newly married has come home. This is a very ancient practice among the Bihari's who still follow this tradition as a part of fun. Though the main significance behind the balancing of the earthern pot is to see how well the daughter- in- law can adjust to her new family and the responsibilities of the new life. Once the bride enters the house the mother -in- law places an earthen pot on the bride's head.

Bihari WeddingBride Could Balance the First Pot -

Even before the bride could balance the first pot the mother- in- law stacks her daughter- in- law with more pots just to make a pile. Simultaneously the bride is expected to fall at the feet of her elders in the house. This is witnessed by the gathering only to see how many pots the bride can balance which apparently informs the ability of the bride at balancing the family and taking it in peace forward. This is a folklore that is prevalant in some parts of Bihar in India.