Worshipping Bilva Tree

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Significance Of Bilva TreegWorshipping Bilva TreeSignificance Of Bilva Treeg

Significance Of Bilva TreegBilva Tree is Considered to Be a Very Sacred Tree

The Bilva tree is considered to be a very sacred tree in Hinduism because of its sacrificial importance. The bilva tree is considered to be a very divine and propitious tree for the significance of the worshipping of this tree is mentioned in many puranas and other scriptures in India. The leaf of the bilva tree is most commonly used and it is a trifoliate leaf. This trifoliate leaf is said to symbolize various factors like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three eyes of Lord Shiva, the three Shakthi's namely the power of decision, action and knowledge, the three lingas and the three syllables of Omkar.The bilva leaves are supposed to have more of sattva components and thereby it can to a great extent absorb and emit sattvik frequencies which is primarily loaded with various effects where it has the power to distress the raja-tama particles present in the atmosphere.

Significance Of Bilva TreegBilva Leaf kills Bad Energy

-When a person is said to be affected by negative energy distress and in such cases when a bilva leaf is brought in close proximity to him then the dark or the black energy present in him is said to be killed. A person who is infested with negative energy is said to have no control over his entire body, mind and also intellect. In this case the body is said to be highly influenced by negative energy. When such a person comes in contact with an environment which is not suitable for him or in fact the sattvik environment then there arises a battle between the negative energy and the satva predominant environment. This can take place at various levels which may sometime even include moving towards destructive thoughts. The negative energy in a person most of the time is exhibited in the form of sudden burst of anger, shouting, throwing articles and in fact any type of destructive act like actually breaking and plundering articles, etc.

Significance Of Bilva TreegSignificance of Worshipping a Bilva Tree

Bilva Tree Worship
The significance of worshipping a bilva tree or its leaf is explained in Shivapurana. The greatness of this bilva tree is very difficult to understand for even the Gods adored the bilva tree. Bilva is considered to be the symbol of Lord Shiva for those who worship the Lord in the form of Linga at the root of bilva becomes a purified soul and he is sure to attain the God's feet. People also believe that taking a bath under the root of a bilva tree is equal to having bath in all the sacred waters of the universe and become divine and holy. Lord Shiva is said to be pleased with those who worship him by having a bath under the tree and offering flowers. Thus the Lord showers his blessings on the worshipper and thereby flourishes his family too.

Significance Of Bilva TreegBilva Tree worshipped by Lighting Earthen Lamps

-When a person worships the root of the bilva tree by lighting earthen lamps he is said to be bestowed with the knowledge of truth and merges into Shiva. He or she is said to come out of sins and curses when they worship the bilva tree with plenty of fresh tender sprouts. When a devotee of Shiva is fed with rice cooked with milk and ghee at the root of the bilva tree he is said to reap fruits ten million times more than in the usual course and will never become poor. The bilva is said to have originated from the sweat of Goddess Parvathi where once when drops of her sweat from her forehead fell on mountain Mandara, it grew into a bilva tree.

Significance Of Bilva TreegBilva Tree is Endowed with Enormous Medicinal Use

-From then onwards people believe that various Goddesses like Girija live on the root of the tree, Maheswari on its shoulder, Dukshayani on its branches, Parvati among its leaves, Katyayani in its fruit, Gaori in its flowers while in thorns the numerous Saktis dwell in this tree. Hence those who very piously worship Lord Shiva and Parvathi will be blessed with divine powers. Apart from this the various parts of the bilva tree is endowed with enormous medicinal use which is proved by different fields of science.