Bringing Cow into New House

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Cow in HouseCow into a Newly Built HouseCow in House

Cow in HouseBringing of Cow into a Newly Built House

The bringing of cow into a newly built house is also known as "Govardhana pooja for the word "Go' means cows, and "vardhana' means nourishment. According to the Hindu mythology the cow represents Lord Shiva and its dung is regarded as a blessing to that particular place. This Gho pooja or the worshipping of a cow is a very important custom followed by the Hindus. Since cow is considered as a very sacred animal, the slaughtering of cow is considered as a major sin which falls under the five major sins according to the Vedas. Another main reason behind the bringing of the cow into a newly built house and performing the Gho Vardhana pooja is that according to the language of Sanskrit the word Gho also means senses and vardhana means to increase the attachment of the senses towards Sri Krishna.

Cow in HouseVedas also States that Cow is the Abode of All Gods

-The Vedas also states that cow is the abode of all Gods, Goddess, including the Trinity. Apart from the elaborate ceremony performed during the house warming the Gho pooja is a very essential custom followed by the Hindus. Once all the rituals and customs are done during the house warming the final part of ceremony includes bringing of a cow into the house and the owner of the house garland the cow and gets its blessings. This is manly done for they strongly believe in the worship of Kamadenu or Cow aids in reducing the suffering of the house from the sins committed by our ancestors and thus the power of the curse is lessened. Apart it is very auspicious to worship cows on every Friday.

Cow in HouseKamadhenu had Been a Breat Inspiration -

Cow In Grahapravesam
-The mention of Kamadhenu and its supreme power is mentioned in many epics and puranas including Mahabharatha and Ramayana. Also legends states that during the churning of the milky ocean Kamdhenu appeared which had the capacity to fulfill every thought of a wish. So the members of a newly built house bring the Kamdhenu in the house and worship it seeking for all the desires they want. The Kamadhenu had been a great inspiration and of major help to sage Vasistha. Kamadenu also helped in creating an army for Vashista to fight a battle with Vishwamitra who wanted to take away this divine cow from him.

Cow in HouseKamadhenu is the Domicile of Goddess Lakshmi

-Since Kamadhenu is the domicile of Goddess Lakshmi, once it enters a new house it is said to remove poverty and bless the family members of the residence with good health and wealth, takes away the ancestorial sins, gives progeny and also helps in repaying back loans and strength to tide and overcome the enemies. It is also said that apart from Goddess Lakshmi, Kamadhenu is the home of nearly 36 divine beings who have taken their abode in different parts of the body of a cow. This is the main reason why Kamdhenu is always treated with reverence and it is a great sin to harm a cow.

CowThe various Parts of the Body Which is Been Occupied by the Different Gods are as Follows

1. Lord Brahma and Vishnu resides in the horns and in the tip is all holy water and Ganga.
2. The forehead is occupied by Lord Shiva and in the middle of forehead is Goddess Uma
3. Lord Ganapathy domicile in the nose and Lord Muruga resides in the tip of the nose.
4. The heart of the Kamadhenu is occupied by Lord Yama.
5. The holy God of river Yamuna resides in the cow dung.
6. The hind part of the cow is the resident of Goddess Lakshmi.
7. The hair of the holy animal gives accommodation for the sages and muni's. The rest of the Gods reside at the base of the tail.