History Of Going Round Fire

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About  Going Round FireGoing Round the Fire About  Going Round Fire

About  Going Round FirePresence of the God of Fire or Agni Dev

It is a customary ritual among the Hindus where at the time of wedding the married couples will have to come round the sacred fire seven times which is lit amidst chants of wedding mantras. The entire ceremony of marriage is led by a Hindu priest or pandit in the presence of the God of fire or Agni Dev and of course parents, relatives and friends taking the vow of that they will be religiously bound in mutual relationship.

The God of Fire who is going to witness the ceremony is ignited by clarified butter and woolen wicks. Just before the couple take their move to go around the Agni Dev the bride's sari is tied to the grooms kurta or shawl which falls from his shoulder. As the priest chants the mantras the wedded couple go around the sacred fire seven times for the seven blessings by taking a vow for a strong commitment throughout their life.

About  Going Round FireWalking Around the Agni They Thus by walking around the Agni they agree to all the commands.

As they take each round they will have to throw small bits of puffed rice into the fire, representing prosperity in their new life together. This ritual is also followed by the Sikhs where they walk around the Guru Granth Sahib.

The Seven Promises Taken by the Couple as They Come Around Agni Symbolizes The Following,

In the first round of phera the couple pray for the best of nourishing resources and comfort for both of them.
In the second round of phera the couple pray for a healthy physical and mental life.
In the third round of phera they pray to the God for wealth and that they walk together in all parts of life.
In the fourth round the couple pray for eternal happiness so that they remain united with each other and their family members.
In the fifth round of phera the couple pray for a happy family life and be blessed with best and noble children.
In the sixth round of phera the couple pray for a long peaceful life.
In the last or the seventh round of phera they pray for companionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding between themselves.