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Kasi Yatra RitualSignificance of Kasi YaatraiKasi Yatra Ritual

Kasi Yatra RitualSignificance

This ancient practice of Kasi Yaatrai is not only followed by the Brahmin community but also many other Hindu communities in India who still want to keep in touch to their roots. The significance of kasi Yaatrai is that the groom just before entering into the mandapam changes his mind and decides to go on sanyaasam or asceticism and walks off.

Now the bride's father plays an active role where he has reach out to the groom and convince the groom to take back the family life with his daughter promising that she will be a great support in the grooms spiritual life. The bride's father wins the would - be - son - in -law by giving him Umbrella, Bhagwad Gita, hand fan and sandals. But however these days the practice of Kasi Yataarai is not really happening in many modern weddings.