Significance Of Metti Or Toe Ring

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Metti DesignsMetti or Toe RingMetti Designs

Metti DesignsHindus Follow the Traditional Custom of Wearing Toe Ring

The Hindus in India follow the traditional custom of wearing toe ring more popularly known as metti which is highly practiced in India. Not only the Hindus but also the Muslim ladies wear metti which symbolizes the marital status. Metti is known as Bichiya in Hindi, Mettelu in Telugu, and Metti in Tamil and Kalungura in Kannada. Metti is usually worn in the second finger from the toe.Metti is usually worn in silver but now more as a reason of fashion and luxury people also opt for gold toe rings.Metti is usually worn in silver because scientifically it is a good conductor of electricity and it absorbs polar energy from the earth and transfers it to the body, hence vitalizing and refreshing the whole body. There are lots of social and medicinal reasons behind the wearing of the toe ring apart from the ancient significance. It come is various designs though initially it was like a spiral of two or three line rounds.

Metti DesignsToe Ring is Generally Worn at the Time of Wedding

-Every Indian woman values the metti for it brings finesse, respect and responsibility to those who wear it for it is a proud symbol of one's marital status.The toe ring is generally worn at the time of wedding where the bridegroom places it on the bride's toe and it is said to symbolize that the man is falling at the feet of his wife thereby placing the respect of the family under her feet and it is therefore the duty of the lady or the bride to take care of it throughout their life. The Hindu women usually wear lot of ornaments and decorate themselves and there is a reason behind each wearing of the ornament. There are ancient scriptures in Sanskrit which says that a woman should wear at least 16 ornaments on her and they are kunguma pottu (bindhi), necklace, bracelet, earrings, bangles, rings, flowers in her hair, wrist bands, kohl, anklets, sandalwood paste, perfume, henna, metti, a long skirt, and a blouse. The whole idea behind this is that the body should be covered fully and not exposed. But however now we hardly get to see a woman wearing all of these sixteen ornaments except for when they go out for weddings and other special occasions. Metti or the toe ring is a very auspicious ornament similar to that of Mangalayam.

Metti DesignsOther Theories behind Wearing of Metti

-There are also other theories behind the wearing of metti on both the feet, like it is to systemize or regularize the menstrual cycle of the married women and thereby indirectly increase the chances of conception. It is believed that wearing metti on both the feet regularizes the menstrual cycle with even intervals of the married women, which in turn increases her chances of conceiving. Science says that a particular nerve in the second toe connects to the uterus and then passes through the heart. Also when the friction of the ring happens as we are engaged in our daily activities and walking will lead to the rejuvenation of the body and also the reproductive organs. Thus it is said to refresh the whole body system. Metti can be defined as extravagant but superficial in its display. Some people are not for the idea of wearing metti in gold for they believe gold should be respected and should not be worn below the waist.Metti is available in many embellished designs and is designed in such a way where it can be easily removed and worn back again. Though this is a very ancient ornament it is available in various deigns with different shapes and sizes and with stones and drops embedded in it.

Metti DesignsMetti Symbolizes the Role of a Woman Both as a Wife and a Sister

-Metti also symbolizes the role of a woman both as a wife and a sister and because of this symbolization usually ladies wear two sets of metti one for her husband and another one for her brother. The reason behind wearing two metti is that if either one of them dies the other should take care and give protection to the lady. This sacred ornament is supposed to be removed once her husband passes away. With lot of Indians living in different parts of the country now toe- ring is quite popular everywhere and people apart from Indians also use it. The use of metti is becoming very popular among the youngsters or the unmarried college- going students for according to them it is more of a fashionable ornament than of its cultural importance. Indian customs and traditions are strongly against the wearing of metti before marriage. There are legends which state that even in the famous Indian epic Ramayana, metti then known as kaniazhi played a major role at the time of abduction of Sita by Ravana from Rama. When she was carried away by Ravana, Sita threw the metti down as her identification to her husband, Lord Rama.Nevertheless, like everything else, even toe rings, that is Metti adds a lot of significance and is given so much importance in a Hindu Marriage.

CowOne Can View Toe Rings in a Totally Different Aspect

-One can view the toe rings in a totally different aspect, especially the traditional ones, rather than a 'fashion' as they seem to really undervalue the actual culture. This symbol of marital status, the metti has always been tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, in its style and is silver in colour except the Metti will be different if the woman comes from a very rich family. Toe rings apart from silver and gold it is also made of various other metals and non metals. Some say that the basic reason behind the wearing of toe ring in the second toe is that when compared or proportionately it is the longest toe and thus the easiest toe to put a ring on and stay without being connected to anything else. Though this ornament is of great significance for the Hindus in India, it is really not viewed in the same angle by most of the Western countries, for there it is relatively new fashion accessory, and typically have no symbolic meaning. They are usually worn with barefoot sandals, anklets, bare feet or flip flops. In ancient days the toe rings were quite ornate but of late the metti is coming out with more contemporary designs and are now being developed to cater to the modern bride.

CowEven Diamond Toe Rings are Available in Markets Today

Toe Ring
-Even diamond toe rings are available in markets today which are more of a status symbol though it is symbol of chastity in a woman. The rings would show that the woman is married and feminine. Some men frequently wore a ring on the big toe for curative purposes or to augment their masculine vigor. These rings were seldom closed circles but open hoops so that they could easily be removed. There is a custom at the time of wedding were not only the bride but also the groom should wear the toe ring. Many gyneaic problems are treated by wearing toe ring and also by massaging the second toe. According to the Ayurvedic science, life or the pranas has to be balanced to stay healthy. All of the paths of your "prana" run down to your toes, so the idea that a marital symbol could double up as a reproductive enhancer is not a big stretch. Ancient Ayuvedic medicine has long been used alongside acupressure.