Tying Neem Leaves At Entrance

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Tying Neem LeavesTying Neem LeavesTying Neem Leaves

Tying Neem LeavesNeem Tree is One of the Widely Grown Tree in Almost all Parts of India

Neem tree is one of the widely grown tree in almost all parts of India. There is a belief which states that the members of a house which has a neem tree surely get entry to the heaven. It has got both religious and scientific significance behind the tying of the neem leaves at the entrance of the house. Similar to that of the properties of the mango leaves the neem leaves are also believed to ward off evil spirits from entering the house. The neem tree is associated with the Sun in the story of Neembark 'The Sun in the Neem tree'.

Tying Neem LeavesLot of Mentions About the Significance of the Neem Tree

-There are lot of mentions about the significance of the neem tree in ancient epics and puranas. Scientifically it is said that neem leaves are supposed to release maximum oxygen when compared to any other tree. Neem leaves are also used to give bath for the brides and even now in remote areas new born babies are laid upon the Neem leaves to provide them with the protective aura. Neem leaves have lot of antibacterial properties and thats one of the main reason why it is used to be hung at the entrance of sick people's house who are mainly affected with chicken pox, small pox and measles.It also signifies a warning symbol from other healthy person not entering the house of the infected.

Tying Neem LeavesEffective Process of Photosynthesis

Neem Leaf For Functions
-Because of its effective process of photosynthesis when compared to other leaves it is tied or used in the houses on special occasions and auspicious days, for it is the time during which family members and friends gather under one roof.

Thus by the help of the neem leaves there is circulation of oxygen and in turn keeps the room temperature at an optimum level and cool and also purify the atmosphere from by bacteria.