Significance Of Having Prayer Room

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Pooja Room DesignsPrayer (Pooja) RoomPooja Room Designs

Pooja Room DesignsAlmost all the Hindu houses have a Prayer Room

Almost all the Hindu houses in India are said to have a prayer room and are much pre-planned and built during the construction of the house itself. Even in the present apartment culture at least a small altar is given for God, for the prayer or the puja room is considered to be the Master room of the house. Usually a small lamp is lit in front of deities and the Lord is worshipped with reverence. The people enter pooja room with extreme care for it is here where spiritual practices like japa, meditation and devotional prayers and singing of songs takes place. Special worships are done on important ceremonies and festivals. Puja room is the place where each member of the family stay in heightened sensitivity and receptivity and worship the supreme power here. God is the creator of the universe and hence the real ruler or owner of the house we dwell in.

Pooja Room DesignsLord's Presence in our Homes

-In fact it is more appropriate to say that we are the earthly tenants of His property. When we realize this truth the false pride and possessiveness is said to vanish away from us. It is best to understand that the Almighty is the real owner of the house and we the human beings created by him as the caretakers of his home with utmost care. If we really don't take him as the owner of the house at least consider him as a very welcome guest. It is just like when we have a special guest at home, we receive them with great concern and provide them with the best of comforts. Similarly we are supposed to offer congratulations to the Lord's presence in our homes by having a prayer room or altar which should be always maintained with great care and well decorated.

Pooja Room DesignsPresence of Prayer Room in Each House

Traditional Prayer Room
-Thus the presence of prayer room in each house is to remind us every time that God resides with us in our homes and without his blessings no work can be succeeded. We invoke the Almighty's blessings by communing with Him in the prayer room each day and on special occasions. Each room in a house is built for specific purpose like the drawing room is meant to receive guests; the kitchen is for cooking and the bedroom for resting.

Also the furniture, decor and atmosphere in each room are designed in such a way to serve the purpose of that particular room. Similarly making a certain situation or outcome likely for the purpose of meditation, worship and prayer - it is a must to have a prayer room.

Pooja Room DesignsPrayer Room is Supposed to be Filled with Spiritual and Sacred Thoughts

-The prayer room is supposed to be filled with spiritual and sacred thoughts and also good vibrations and hence the person who spends his or her time in the prayer room are said to have positive energy. Spiritual thoughts and vibrations accumulated through regular meditation, worship and chanting done there pervade the prayer room. Even at times of fatigue and disturbed situations, the presence of us in the prayer room will make us cool down, revitalized and of course spiritually uplifted. No particular religion adheres to the concept of having a prayer room for every religion follow the general code of having a special sacred room for the ruler of the Universe.