Pumpkin For New Buildings

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Tying PumpkinTying Pumpkin at the EntranceTying Pumpkin

Tying PumpkinMain Reason Behind Tying a Pumpkin

The main reason behind tying a pumpkin at the entrance of the house is to nullify the effect of the evil eyes for it means drishti. It prevents the house and it members from the casting of the evil eye. Though it sounds more like superstitious there is also scientific theory behind the word drishti for the flow of negativity that affects the person or object towards whom it is directed. When we believe in positive energies like blessings and good will, so as we will also have to consider negative emotions that transmit harmful or negative energy like Jealousy, Sense of discrimination and Spirit of vengeance.

Tying PumpkinThristi or the Evil Eye is Something Bad

-Thristi is something bad may be sickness or other evil things caused due to evil person's looks for their thoughts are nor good and thereby leading to dosha or danger. Thristi is caused more of a jealous view along with evil thoughts on another persons growth, wealth or health. It is normally fraction of a second thought in the subconscious mind which might lead to or cause harm to the person enjoying goodness and usually it is believed that they are more likely to be affected by such harmful and jealous view.

Tying PumpkinEvil Spelling Ask Pumpkin is Tied at the Entrance of the House

-This might lead to uneasiness, lack of interest, sudden and prolonged illness or something untoward or unexpected will happen.

In such cases to avoid or ward of this evil spelling ask pumpkin is tied at the entrance of the house for it is believed to have the capacity to absorb negative energy.

Fruits like lemon are also used for the same purpose.