Significance Of Saying Shanthi Thrice

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Saying Shanthi ThriceSaying Shanthi ThriceSaying Shanthi Thrice

Shanthi is PeaceShanthi is Peace Which is Nothing but the Natural State of Us

The more common term for the word "Shanthi" is peace which is nothing but the natural state of us. There is no need to go anywhere in search of peace for it is within us and it shows variations only when it is disturbed either by us or others. Peace is beneath all our agitations and once our anxiety ends peace prevails and ultimately we enjoy the happiness. Only very few people try to maintain peace even if they are under great stress and nervousness.

Shanthi is Peace Peace Can be Evoked by Chanting Prayers

Story Of Saying Shanthi Thrice
-The most significant way by which peace can be evoked is by chanting prayers and mantras irrespective of external disturbances. Any prayer for that matter can be ended by uttering or chanting Shanthi thrice for the sages in the ancient days believed that anything which is repeated thrice comes true.

It is believed that problems in people's life come from three different sources namely Aadhidaivika in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions ,etc. These problems can be minimised by chanting Shanti thrice.

Shanthi is PeaceAadhyaatmika in Which we Pray to the Lord with High Regards

-Aadhibhautika in the form of known factors like accidents, human contacts, pollution, crim,e etc. Aadhyaatmika in which we pray to the Lord with high regards so that when we undertake difficult work we end with no problems or at least minimal confusions. So for the constant prevalence of peace we chant the magic mantra Shanthi thrice.