Offering Three Rice Balls

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Three Rice Ball in ShraddhaOffering Three Rice BallsThree Rice Ball in Shraddha

Shraddha Rice BallsCeremony of Shraddha is a Hindu Ritual

The ceremony of Shraddha is a Hindu ritual followed in India and the Sanskrit meaning of it is homage pay to the ancestors especially to one's dead parents with due respect, sincerity and faith. It is a way of expressing their heartfelt thanks and regards towards their parents and ancestors for bringing up them in their life and for what they are now and praying for the peace of the passed away souls. In short Shraddha can be told as a day of remembrance. Shraddha is either performed on the day of deceased or collectively during the Pitru Paksha or Shraaddha paksha (Fortnight of ancestors), right before Sharad Navaratri in autumn.

Shraddha Rice BallsShraddha Also Involves Washing of the Feet

-During the time of Shraddha the person who is performing the Shraddha invites few Brahmins in the place of their parents who are supposed to be very noble, worthy and knowledgeable. Then he performs various homa and after which a splendid lunch is provided with due hospitality. Towards the end, the pinda balls made of rice which is known as "pinda pradaana" is given to the Brahmins and finally the fees for attending the shraddha is given by the performer. Shraddha also involves washing of the feet of the Brahmins which is again to show the respect of the performer to his ancestors. This is considered to be one of the most important and righteous ritual in Hinduism predicted by our wise sages for it is believed to cleanse the mind and the soul.

Shraddha Rice BallsMeaning of the Ritual

Offering Three Rice Balls
-It is essential that the person who does the ritual should understand whatever they are doing in Shraddha for only then the true intent of the ritual be fulfilled and the performer of the ritual feel completely gratified.

The rice balls at the time of Shraddha is offered three in number and the significance behind it is that the first one is to be conceived as thrown into the waters. The second ball is supposed to be given to the spouse and third ball should be offered to the blazing fire. This is the perfect ordinance in case of both Shraddha and according to the rites of the religion. It is believed that the pitris of that particular man who act according to the rites will become satisfied and always remain happy and also his or her future generations increases and inexhaustible wealth always remains at his command.

Shraddha Rice BallsRice Balls Offered to the Water, spouse and fire

-The first rice ball offered to the water during performing Shraddha is considered to gratify the deity of the moon which in turn is believed to honour and satisfy the other deities and the Pitris with them. The second rice ball is offered to the spouse of the performer of the Shraddha for it is strongly believed that the pitris who are wishing for progeny confer children on the woman of the house. The final or the third ball of rice is offered to the blazing fire for with that the Pitris are gratified and as the result thereof they grant the fruition of all wishes unto the person offering it. The Brahmin who takes part in the Shraddha becomes the Ritwik and constitutes himself, by that act, the Pitri of the person performing the Shraddha. So on that particular day the person is said to stay out of sexual congress with even his own spouse for if he does so or indulge him in such an activity he is said to have incurred adultery.