Significance Of Saying Shanthi Thrice


Black Thristi PottuWearing a Black Thristi PottuBlack Thristi Pottu

Shraddha Rice BallsThrishti Pottu to escape Evil Eye

The concept of evil eye is a widespread one which has been believed by ancient Greeks and Romans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Islam and Hindu traditions. According to folklore, the evil eye means that a person, who has one, has the magical power to injure or kill. It can be on purpose or by mistake. Most of the people in different cultures believed not to show off their wealth, talents, or achievements which unnecessarily invite problems. Especially new born babies, prominent men, and beautiful women for they are more prone to attract evil eyes. Generally we can see babies and young children wearing a black pottu which is not of any beauty value but instead it is used mainly to ward off evil spirits.

Shraddha Rice BallsWards off jealous intentions

belief and it is a black spot applied generally on the cheek of a child, bride or a groom to prevent the occurrence of evil eyes and doshas. Thristi is something bad which may be sickness or other evil thing caused due to an evil person's looks for their thoughts are not good and thereby leading to dosha or danger. Thristi is caused more of a jealous view along with evil thoughts on another person's growth, wealth or health. It is normally a fraction of second thought of subconscious mind which might lead to or cause harm to the person enjoying goodness and usually it is believed that they are more likely to be affected by such harmful and jealous view.

Shraddha Rice BallsThe black spot diverts attention

-This jealous attitude might lead to and affect the child's health by resulting in cold, cough or fever or even prone to accidents, something untoward or unexpected will happen. In such cases to avoid or ward off this evil spelling a round black dot is applied on the cheeks of the Kids. This small distraction or the black dot on the face is believed to divert the attention from the evil eyes thereby causing no harm. This black paste is usually made by burning coconut shells. The application of this thristi pottu is believed to divert the attention of focus and hence the evil thought not likely to have any harm or affect the child. The black spot is believed to nullify the bad curse caused by the evil eyes. When we speak scientifically it is like the sun which emits both good and bad rays like the ultraviolet rays which are very harmful to the body.

Shraddha Rice BallsCharms are also worn

-This is how thristi also works where sometimes we might come across something beautiful, extraordinary or splendid. In such case we see them with keen interest and further and further deep into it secretly envying them in a manner of staring without even realizing. This kind of evil eye scans down the concerned person for their imperfections from perfections. In some cultures, an amulet preferably a black piece of thread is worn around the arms or around the hips which gives protection against evil, danger, or disease.