Significance Of Touching Elders Feet

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Tradition About Touching Elders FeetTouching Elders' FeetTradition About Touching Elders Feet

Religious Significance Behind the Touching Of the Elder's Feet

Though there is no religious significance behind the touching of the elder's feet by the youngsters it is a common gesture in most parts of India wherein respect is shown to those whose feet is touched. But it is not that anybody falls at the feet of anybody but it is usually that the person whose feet are touched is higher in rank by age and position. This is one act of decorum and manners which is taught to all Indian children. So it is more of a customary wish where a younger member of the family does to his or her elders like parents and grandparents. Though this gesture is taught to younger ones it should be automatically done by the elders to their superior.

Specific Religious and Social Occasions When a Person is Expected to Touch His or Her Elders Feet

-Apart from this there are specific religious and social occasions when a person is expected to touch his or her elders' feet say when they leave out of town, weddings or festivals. As and when the feet of a particular person is touched he or she has to touch the head of the person doing the act and bless him /her for long life, fortune and prosperity. There are still places in India where people follow the custom of touching the feet of the parents as soon as they get up in the morning and before going to bed. But truly speaking this custom is slowly getting waded away with modern times. Sometimes it is also considered disrespectful when it is not followed according to the Indian culture and tradition.