Significance Of Tying The Charm

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Kaapu KattuthalTying the CharmKaapu Kattuthal

CharmTying of Charm is Again a Very Important Ritual

The tying of charm is again a very important ritual performed both at time of weddings and also when people perform any homas they tie the charm with due respect. This charm which is worn around the wrist symbolizes the godly power invoked and so protects the person who wears it from harm and evil. This is a special kind of grass known as thetpai and is usually adorned on the right ring finger of the groom which acts as an indicator of purity of mind.

CharmThetpei is a Pure Grass Which has the Capability of Purifying Water

-Thetpei is a pure grass which has the capability of purifying water and metal giving the warmth and speed of fire. This grass never dies off either drought or rot during flood. Even if it is dried it hold the same potential. The water sprinkled with this grass disinfects the area. Such characteristic make this grass very special and auspicious. The tying of charm is generally practiced in South Indian weddings whereas the North Indians rarely follow this custom.