Significance Of Tying Three Knots


Tying Three Knots In MarriageTying of Three KnotsTying Three Knots In Marriage

Three Knots In MarriageMangalayam Dharanam is One of the Most Essential Parts of Hindu Weddings

Mangalayam Dharanam is one of the most essential parts of Hindu weddings in Indian Folklore. A wedding can happen without any of other rituals but cannot happen without the mangalayam. In Sanskrit "mangalaya" means good things and "dharanam" means wearing. The mangalayam or the sacred thread symbolizes commitment, safety and security offered to the bride by the groom as he asks her to share in a long and happy married life with him.

The sacred thread is secured by three knots where each knot represents different aspects of the body, Sthula Sharira - Gross or Physical body, Sukshma Sharira - Subtle or Pranic body, Karana Sharira - Causal body. The three knots also signifies three aspects of commitment, manasa, and vachaa, karmana, believing it, saying it and executing it.