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VidaaiVidaai in Hindu MarriagesVidaai

Vidaai After WeddingVidaai is Another Important Custom Which Takes Place After the Wedding

Vidaai is another important custom which takes place after the wedding ceremony in Indian Hindu marriages and just before the bride leaves the house of her parents with her newly married husband. This is a post wedding ritual which marks the end of the marriage ceremony and it is a very emotional moment not only for the bride but also her family members, relatives and her friends. As the bride is all set to leave with her husband to build a new life with him and his family, the custom of Vidaai takes place. The girls leaves to her husbands place to start a new life with joy and sorrow.

Vidaai After WeddingDuring the Vidaai Ceremony the Sister of the Bride Hides the Foot Wear

-The bride is in joy because she is going to begin a new life with her better half and she is in sorrow because she is leaving behind her parents and family members. And now just before the exit of the bride and the groom, the father of the bride holds the hand of his girl and gives it to her husband asking him to take care and to protect her with care and love till the end.

Vidaai After WeddingSymbol of Prosperity and Wealth

Customs of Vidaai

- Apart from this emotional aspect of the wedding festivity there are also other fun attached to this ritual where during the Vidaai ceremony the sister of the bride hides the foot wear of the groom and asks him for some money to get back the stolen shoes.

After a long funny argument the groom gives the sister- in- law some gold or silver or cash to go ahead with. Only after this the bride and the groom leave to their living place.

According to the Hindu tradition, as the bride steps out of the house, she throws back five handfuls of rice over her head, in a way that it falls on the person standing behind her, as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.