Indian Bangles

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Bangles are a type of hand ornament worn by Indian women, also called as Kangan or Chudi in Hindi. They come in various colors and depict the symbol of matrimony. A single bangle which is worn by a man is called a Kada usually in the religion of Sikhs. The father of the bride at the time of marriage gives a bangle or kada made from gold to the groom. Kada is a circular shaped bangle which is having religious significance for Sikhs, and is made from iron, white metal or gold.

Bangles in India are very much popular and with growing fashion trends. Today they have become highly popular with their various designs. With the changing times the bangles are not just made in a circular shape with glass but even are made of various materials and can be found in many shapes such as round, rectangular, oval, etc. Bangles are worn in pairs, one on both arms, bangles are colorful, beautiful, and enhance the beauty of women who wear them. The materials used to make bangles are gold, silver, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, rubber, and glass among other things are used extensively to make bangles. However, tradition demands that a Hindu women should wear gold and glass bangles and only gold or glass bangles.

Gold bangles which are studded with semi-precious gems, or diamonds, pearls or even just plain gold bangles with pretty designs are popular with women in India. The range of simple bangles to most exquisite can range from downright simple to extremely intricate. Generally, a single bangle is very much adorned by women across the world in various forms such as bracelet. But in countries such as the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia, bangles have evolved into a wide range and each is used for different occasions.

In India, Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh is the single largest producer of glass bangles. Hyderabad which is the capital of Andhra Pradesh State also has a historic bangle market called Laad Bazar. In Pakistan, glass bangles come from Hyderabad (Pakistan).

Symbolism of Bangles

Bangles have been a part of the Indian culture for many centuries, but the new trendy bangles are more versatile than ever before. But the real deal is the glass bangles which are a pious symbol of matrimony. Here�s a look at what the various bangles mean.

Glass bangles have many interesting symbolisms. Here are some of them.

Bangles and Honeymoon - During a most traditional Indian wedding, the bride tries to wear the smallest glass bangles. She is helped by her best friend or sister to do this using scented oil. It is believed that smaller bangles are the one which symbolize a happy and loving marriage and a wonderful honeymoon that lasts until the very last bangle breaks!.

Bangles, Husband and Luck - A married Indian woman is required to wear bangles- green or red depending on which region they belong to, on a day to day basis because bangles are symbolic of safety, marriage and luck for their husbands. Sudden breaking of glass bangles is considered as a sign of danger or an unpleasant incident involving the husband.