Filigree jewelry

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Filigree jewelry

Indian Filigree Jewelry is a very much unique style of jewelry. Antique filigree work was done many centuries back in India and was mainly known as "Tarkashi". This Filigree Jewelry is mainly done on silver. There is a lot of technicality and precision involved in filigree work. The person dealing with this work should have a great amount of patience and an eye for minute details.

Filigree craftsmen are specially trained for this kind of work on jewelry. Filigree work was done in the many parts of the world like Egypt, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, etc.

Filigree work is mainly done on pure silver and has many technical stages. First, pure silver is made into very fine wires by passing it through a wire drawing machine. Before technology came into scene, this work was done by hammering silver on an anvil made of iron or steel. Wound around a rotating wheel which is known as "Charkha" and are flattened again to make it as a single wire. This kind of wire is then bent in different ways to give it many different forms and shapes. Filigree work is also used for making many decorative pieces like boxes, trays, bowls, spoons, vases with flowers, purses, showpieces, plates, tumblers, etc.

Indian filigree work is unique in its genre and aesthetics. It is immensely inspired by Greek filigree work, the same ancient style and old charm has been kept intact till now by the Indian artisans. Filigree jewelry is very much popular in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Filigree work has variations according to the places too. In Odisha it is popularly known as 'Tarkashi'., 'Karim Nagar' is known for its complex designs and refined approach and precision. In Orissa figures of animals, birds and flowers and Konark Chakra are the favorite mementos that are depicted on jewelry. Various products

such as brooches, pendants, ladies bags, earrings and hairpins and utility items like the trays, plates, cups, candle stands, bowls, ash-trays and incense containers are also adorned with filigree work.

Filigree items are made of fine pliable threads of metal by curling. twisting, plaiting and uniting them at the point of contact with each other by means of solder. These are then artistically joined together in a framework of delicate design by the help of a blowpipe. Small grains or beads of the same metal are often set in the eyes of the volutes at intervals at which they set off the wirework effectively Filigree is distinguished from other jewelry by its exquisite finish, texture and snow gloss.

Filigree is a unique craft practiced in very few places in the world. The city of Cuttack is renowned in India and abroad for its filigree craft and superb workmanship.

Today filigree jewelry is very popular and the art is being used by jewelry manufacturers all over the world. Filigree jewelry can come in various shapes and sizes and they are priced accordingly. The filigree jewelry is used for various purposes like weddings and other occasions. Now filigree art is being used in all types of jewelry. It also includes rings and pendants. Almost every jewelry is using filigree art in their works.