Lac jewelry

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Lac jewelry, which is even referred to as lacquer jewelry originated in Rajasthan and has gained considerable popularity in India even today. Lac jewelry is available in the jewelry market in versatile designs, which adds uniqueness to its beauty. Among the various items which are being designed in lac jewelry, the bangles are the ones which need a special mention. Bangles made of Lac are of usually bright color and glass work done on them makes them more attractive to wear on any kind of attire.

People in Rajasthan believe that lac bangles bring good sign or luck to those who wear them. They are very much popular in Rajasthan and now lately are being made in other parts of the country too.

Lac- a natural tree by product jewelry is a specialty of Jaipur. The jewelry is made by most skilled craftsmen and the product is of world class quality. Rajasthan jewelry would surely add a touch of elegance to ones' personality. This prominent craft and artmanship of Rajasthan was initially developed by the tribal people of the state. Once upon a time the crafts of the tribal people, lacquer jewelry is now a fashion of urban India. The accessories made of lac attract everyone for more obvious reasons. Some of the major accessories which are included in lac jewelry, like Bala, Bajuband, Rakhi, Jod, Gajra, Gokhru, Timaniyan, are extremely popular.

A good chunk of the jewelry is exported outside India , which in turn provides more employment and inspires improvisation in design and pattern of jewelry. The process of making Lac jewelry is very much tedious and complex. Glass beads, flower shaped mirrors and decorative wires are used for the enhancement of beauty of the jewelry. The bangles of Lac mostly consist of an inner-core that has a covering of thin layer of superior quality Lac.

The Core lac, when is mixed with a material similar to white clay, strengthens the bangle and makes it more stronger and prettier. The heating, mixing, kneading, and hammer pounding of the parched ingredients which takes place repeatedly and dough like mass is formed. Lac jewelry is the perfect fashion accessory to emphasize any Indian outfit as they come in many styles, colors and sizes. In Lac jewelry there is a wide products range which includes Lac Jewelry Necklaces, Earrings, Lac Bangles, Lac Bracelets, etc.

Once the mass is heated and then shaped further, then the expansion of the lac takes place in lieu of the bargained diameter. This results in thickening of the diameter of the bangle. Further, a flat-shaped tool is used to roll the bangle across the flat surface, which gives it a proper thickness. The shaping is done by suppressing the length of lac into grooves (colored) on every side of the mould. The lac takes the shape of the groove into which it is forced. This process of making Lac jewelry requires great precision which produces the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. There are many good exporters in India like Harerama exports whoe are famous Indian manufacturers and suppliers of handcrafted and customized lac jewelry.