Silver jewelry

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Silver Jewelry mixed along with gold jewelry, is quite popular amongst the Indian women. The various ornaments made of silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, toe rings, heavy kadas, and armlets, all these form an integral part of Indian silver jewelry. Whereas gold jewelry has been the most popular among Indian women since ages, silver jewelry is also not far behind in popularity. Apart from developed cities, it finds solace in the rural areas and tribal areas of the country as well.

In fact, silver made jewelry forms an integral part of the adoration and dress of tribal people. Women in rural areas and tribal areas usually wear heavy silver jewelry for decoration. These heavy jewelries serves as financial security or asset during contingency, apart from being a source of adornment. The practice of making new jewelry out of old by melting is still practiced in major parts of India, but recently new trend has been seen very much reversal in market. Old silver jewelry is more in demand and in fashion now. Oxidized silver jewelry, with its traditional designs giveing an old and rough look, is quite popular these days.

Silver jewelry which is studded with gold, precious and semi-precious stones is quite popular, particularly in south India. The unique selling point of these ornaments is that they are light weight and of very much reasonable cost. The versatility can be observed in silver jewelry, as different states have indigenous influence over its design. The pattern and precision differ according to region and the likes-dislikes of the people. Many times, one can determine the marital status of women and even her community by the jewelry she wears.

Silver jewelry is usually made at Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Hathras (Uttar Pradesh), Salem (Tamil Nadu), and Rajkot (Gujarat). It is of traditional design and of light weight. The traditional motifs and designs are embedded with precious and semi-precious stones. Such jewelry is quite popular all across the world, which are in large quantities being exported. Youngsters in urban cities can also be seen adorning themselves with silver jewelry, mainly owing to its wide variety and economical prices, as compared to gold and other jewelry.

Indian silver jewelry is considered to be very unique and exquisite all over the world. The intricate designs, beautiful styling and polished finishing, make the Indian silver jewellery most attractive among buyers. Silver jewelry in India is found in traditional and even in contemporary styles. Since it is a bit cheaper than gold and platinum, it is more convenient for people to buy silver jewelry ornaments for different occasions. There is a lot of variety to choose from in Indian silver jewelry.

Silver has been used as a popular metal for making jewelry from the ancient times. It is still the traditional style of jewelry in places like the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, etc. The main inspiration for designing traditional silver jewelry there are the flora and fauna in local surroundings. The tribal and rural women in these places still wear silver jewelry and the traditional style is in the form of long and delicate ear chains. Some of the ornaments are inlaid with semi-precious stones and gems.

In states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, silver is used in a chunkier and heavy form. The ornaments like earrings, pendants, waistbands, anklets are very heavy and are decorated with silver enameling. Usually patterns and designs are carved over the ornaments. The women love to adorn themselves with the traditional jewels and they are also a favorite among city dwellers. If you are not very keen on buying chunky earrings, you can always try the beautiful bangles and chains.

In the state of Orissa, one can come across a unique way of using silver in jewelry that is known as "Tarkashi". In this form of jewelry, silver is spun into very thin wires, which is then used to make small containers, vases, lamps, boxes and of course jewelry. The designs carved on this kind of jewelry are very complicated and detailing is very minute thus making it unique in its own way. In big metro cities of India like Mumbai one will find silver being used in very innovative styles like feathered plumes, secret locking pendants, ink wells and even dinner sets.