Dances of India




Classical Dance
Bharatanatyam Dance - Bharatanatyam is a classical dance style of South India that combines artistic expression with a sense of spirituality. There are highly trained dancers who perform precise hand gestures, use intricate footwork, vivid facial expression, and fluid movement.

Kathak Dance - Kathak belongs to North India, and emphasises the telling of stories with the help of mime and body technique. It is danced by both the sexes.

Kuchipudi Dance - Kuchipudi dance form in India originated from a hamlet in Andhra Pradesh, called Kuchelapuri or Kuchelapuram. It was initially introduced as a dance drama, but its present day dispensation tells a different story altogether.

Manipuri Dance -One of the most known Indian classical dance which is one among the six classical type of dances is Manipuri. Manipuri is a graceful dance style performed by both men and women, from the tiny state of Manipur in North-east India.

Mohiniattam Dance - Mohiniattam dance form was nurtured in the region of Kerala in southwestern India. Mohiniattam literally means 'Dance of the Enchantress,’ which has a mesmerizing quality.

Odisha Dance - Odisha is the traditional dance form of Odisha which owes its origin to the temple dances of the ‘Devadasis'. Odisha performances are replicate with the lores of the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Krishna.


Folk / Tribal Dance
Bhangra Dance - Bhangra is a traditional and lively form of folk dance which originated from Punjab. People in Punjab traditionally perform Bhangra while celebrating the harvest.

Dandiya Dance - Dandiya Raas is the most popular dance of not only Gujarat but also all the states throughout India. It is a special feature of the Navratri festival. Dandia is a dance form usually performed in a group, by both men and women.

Garba Dance - Garba is the popular dance from Gujarat and is being performed not only all over India but all over the world by the Gujaratis. Garba is an Indian form which has originated in the Gujarat region.

Gidda Dance - Giddha is popularly called a Lokh Naach for people in Punjab specifically for women. It majorly derived from an ancient ring dance, which was performed by Punjabi women at social gatherings.

Lavani Dance - The word Lavanya meaning Beauty which tries to put the various social aspects in an entertaining form. The Lavani Dance form is a combination of traditional song and dance. It worked as a morale booster for the war soldiers in the 18th century.