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Lalchand Sitaram Rajput

Lalchand Sitaram Rajput was born on December 18, 1961, Mumbai, Maharashtra is a ex- Indian cricketer who played in two Tests and four ODIs form 1985 to 1987. Lalchand Rajput was allocated the task as a manager of Indian cricket team for a brief time. He has been enthusiastically involved in cricket organization over the precedent several years, together with holding positions with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA).

Lalchand Rajput had a eminent career as an opening batsman for Mumbai, and at one time was well thought-out one of the best openers in India after Sunil Gavaskar. Nevertheless, he did not translate his promise and victory at the domestic level to the international ring, in the inadequate opportunities he had. He was an sporadic off-spinner.

He concentrated a coaching clinic held at Bangalore in April 2007.He was trainer of Under-19 Indian Cricket Team during the visit of England. Rajput was allotted as the manager of the winning Indian cricket squad for theTwenty20 World Championship 2007 held in South Africa.

Rajput is the instructor of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League 2008. He was trapped on camera laughing when Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth after a game between Mumbai Indians and Kings X1 Punjab. The BCCI articulated it was shameful that Rajput was laughing on spotting the incident. It was anticipated that BCCI will take strong action against Rajput.