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Test Cricket
Cricket is a versatile sport which, in very wide-ranging terms, can be divided into major cricket and minor cricket based on playing principles. In terms of major cricket, matches are held in which the sides have two innings. Single innings are played in the case of the minor cricket. The earlier, known as first-class cricket, has period of three to five days and the latter, known as restricted over's cricket because each team bowls a limit on average 50 or 20 over's has a designed duration of one day only. The chief types of cricket are Test cricket, One day cricket and Twenty20 cricket.

Types of Cricket Matches

Test Cricket

The word "Test" initiated with the perception that sports matches played between national representative players were the eventual test of sporting ability. Cricket test matches are the highest form of the sport of cricket and are measured by players and solemn cricket fans.

Playing an definitive test match as judged against the one day international cricket is much more exigent and difficult. Test cricket is the top standard of first-class cricket.

One Day Cricket

Limited over's cricket, also renowned as one-day cricket and in a little different context as List A cricket, is a edition of the sport of cricket in which a game is generally completed in one day, while Test and first-class matches can last up to five days to complete.

The name reflects the rule that in the match each team bowls a set highest number of over's, as a rule between 20 and 50, even though shorter and longer forms of maximum over's cricket have been played.

Twenty 20

Twenty20 is a type of cricket, initially established in England for specialized inter-county contest by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2003.A Twenty20 match engages two teams, each one has a distinct innings, batting for utmost of 20 over's.

Twenty20 cricket is also identified as T20 cricket. It has been played at club level for days, habitually in evenings when dawn was a problem.