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Cricket Jargons

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Across the limit

A batsman plays from corner to corner the line when he moves his bat in a track lateral to the direction of the incoming ball.

Agricultural Shot

This is a swing crosswise the line of the ball (resembling a slice motion) played devoid of much technique. Regularly one that results in a chunk of the pitch being dug up by the bat. A form of a slog.

All out

When an innings is wrecked due to ten of the eleven batsmen on the batting side being either dismissed or incapable to bat because of injury or illness.

All rounder

A player adroit at both batting and bowling in the modern era, this term can moreover refer to a wicket keeper adept at batting.


A top-order batsman proficient of batting for a long duration all the way through the innings. Frequently batsmen playing at numbers 3 or 4 play such a role, particularly if there is a batting collapse. An anchor plays defensively, and is repeatedly the top scorer in the innings.


The act of a bowler or fielder shouting at the umpire to ask if his last ball took the batsman's wicket. Generally phrased in the form of howzat (how-is-that?). Frequent variations include 'How zee?' (How is he?), or merely turning to the umpire and shouting. The batsman will not be given out exclusive of an appeal, still if the criteria for a dismissal have otherwise been met.


The movement of the bowler prior to bowling the ball. It is also well-known as the run-up. In addition the ground a bowler runs on for the period of his run up.
Example: "Play was belated because the bowler's approaches were slippery"

Arm Ball

An unreliable delivery bowled by an off spin bowler that is not spun, so, disparate the off break, it travels straight on (with the bowler's arm). A mainly good bowler's arm ball may also swing away from the batsman in the air (or in to him when delivered by a left-armer).

Around the wicket or round the wicket

A right-handed bowler short-lived to the right of the stumps all through his bowling action, and vice-versa for left-handed bowlers.


The everlasting prize in England v Australia Test matches series. The small wooden urn encloses ashes collected after blazing the bails used when Australia first beat England in England; at The Oval in 1882 (the first Test match among the two nations was in Melbourne in 1877).

Asking rate

The run rate at which the team batting 2nd needs to attain to catch the opponents score in a narrow overs game.

Attacking Field

A fielding pattern in which more fielders are close in to the pitch so as to take catches and dismiss batsmen more enthusiastically, at the risk of letting more runs get scored ought to the ball get past them.

Attacking Shot

A shot of assault or strength designed to score runs


A bowler's bowling average is distinct as the total number of runs approved by the bowler (including wides and no-balls) divided by the amount of wickets taken by the bowler. A batsman's batting standard is distinct as the total number of runs scored by the batsman alienated by the number of times he has been dismissed.

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