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Ajamila is a figure from the Puranas. The story of Ajamila is taken from Bhagavata Purana Canto 6. For those who aspire for liberation, there is nothing more powerful than the chanting of the Lord's name.

There was a Brahmin youth by name Ajamila who was truthful, righteous and sincere. He had learnt the Vedas and was well versed in it. He was leading a very happy and pleased life and was married to a Brahmin girl. One day Ajamila went into the forest to collect flowers and kusa grass for the days' worship. On his way back he gave way for worldly pleasure when he saw a young woman of low birth and unclean habits. He was not able to control his mind for it was overwhelmed with lust. He forgot his own family and started leading an illegal life with this lady, so automatically he slowly started facing degradation. Thus a man of mind and clean habits soon lost his sensibility. He later got married to this lady and started spending lot of money on this lady. He gave up his worship, yajnas and he totally lost his sense of God. He spent all the wealth he had. Next to keep his family happy he went to the extent of even stealing and cheating. Ajamila lost all his values.

Through his second wife Ajamila had ten sons and he named his youngest son Narayana. He was the most favourite for Ajamila among all the children. Ajamila fell sick and he was very badly ill. When he was almost in his death-bed, suddenly he was able to see two fierce looking messengers of Yama fully prepared with axes to cut and drag his soul from this world. The very look of them scared Ajamila and so he screamed calling for his favourite son "Narayana! Narayana!". Thus by calling his son's name Ajamila without his knowledge uttered the name of Lord Narayana. As he called out the name "Narayana", two shining and brilliant attendants of Sri Vishnu appeared and asked the messengers of Yama of what they were doing there and what they were planning to do to Ajamila.

Yama's messenger's explained that Ajamila though good and virtuous in the beginning, became wicked and unholy and also led an unclean life and committed many crimes. So they have come there to take away his life and are going to punish him.But attendants of Vishnu told them that they cannot take his life for at the last moment Ajamila has uttered the name of Narayana with devotion, so they do not have the right to claim his life. They explained he who loves God and completely surrenders himself unto him, is released, no matter how heavy his burden of sin is. Such is the power of Narayana's name. Thus after this argument the messengers sent by Yama went away and slowly Ajamila got back his health. Then he left his family and went to the banks of Ganga and went into meditation singing the praise of Lord Narayana. He led his rest of life worshipping the divine lord.