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Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and his wife Sita are the ideal royal couple. Rama is brave, wise and dutiful, and Sita is beautiful, generous and saintly. Sita gets introduced to Rama at a ceremony called 'Swayamvara', organized by her father Janaka, the king of Mithila to identify a suitable bridegroom for her lovely daughter. Princes from various kingdoms are invited and challenge to string a giant bow. Only the mighty Rama could lift the bow, string it and even break it into two halves. This leads Sita to garland Rama as her husband.

In the grand old days there was the great kingdom of Kosala to the north of the sacred river Ganga...

The Bridal Of Sita
Long, long ago in the city of Ayodhya, there lived a king who was loved by all his people in the land of Kosala. He was born of the ancient Solar race and his name was Dasaratha..

Ayodhya Kandam page 1
aiyothiya kandam
The wisdom of a father in bringing up the son consists in doing the right thing promptly n time. As the son comes of age, he is to be entrusted both with power and poverty...

Ayodhya Kandam page 2
aiyothiya kandam
The sorrow laden night wore away. At dawn Sumantra the charioteer brought the message from Vasistha that all was ready for the coronation. But the poor king could not speak...

Ayodhya Kandam page 3
aiyothiya kandam
Bharatha and Sathrughna were expert horsemen. As they were speeding back to their own capital, conflicting thoughts were crossing the mind..

Aranya Kandam page 1
aranya kandam
It became evident that Rama was not going to cut short the period of his asceticism. Bharatha returned disappointed to Ayodhya. Rama was not happy over his contact with...

Aranya Kandam page 2
aranya kandam
With a broad smile on the face Rama put it to Surpanakha that he had his spouse and that she might extend her proposal to Lakshmana who was single. The lust pecked demoness then...

Aranya Kandam page 3
aranya kandam
Mareecha reflected within himself, "I am doomed to be killed by Ravana or Rama. Better that I perish, pierced by Rama's soul redeeming arrow."Mareecha agreed to act as directed....

Aranya Kandam page 4
aranya kandam
Rama was very much worried thinking about Sita. "Will we see Sita again?" sighted Rama. The brothers hurried homeward. They saw the Asrama empty...

Young Hanuman
It was the beautiful palace of the King Dasaratha of Ayodhya. The great yajna for the birth of sons to the king had just been concluded. Following the rich carpets on the floor...

Kishkindha Kandam page 1
kishkinda kandam
Mutual help is the mark of friendship. Sugreeva stood in need of redemption from banishment and persecution. Further has wife has to be restored to him...

Kishkindha Kandam page 2
kishkinda kandam
Vali swooned. After a while he regains consciousness and soliloquizes, "Oh my end is nearing. The veil of vanity has vanished from my heart...

Sundara Kandam page 1
sundara kandam
The division of beauty is the literal meaning of this heading. Sita being imprisoned and being watched over by hideous creatures, her dragging on a wretched life.

Sundara Kandam page 2
sundara kandam
It was only because of Ravana's inordinate love for Sita he was able to tolerate the inexcusable statement of Sita's. He gave her two month's time....

Sundara Kandam page 3
sundara kandam
Hanuman silently admired the valiant attitude of Sita even while in agony of imprisonment. There was ethical beauty in it. Maruthi begged Sita for a token of his having met her...

Sundara Kandam page 4
sundara kandam
Hanuman addressed Ravana directly, "I do not represent Indra, Varuna, Kubera or Vishnu. I am disguised. I am only a monkey...

Yuddha Kandam page 1
yuddha kandam
Rama listened with rapt attention to all that Anjenaya said. He observed that such an exploit was possible to Anjenaya and to none else...

Yuddha Kandam page 2
yuddha kandam
Rama was immensely pleased with the observations made by Hanuman. In fact both of them concurred in their views of Vibheeshana....

Yuddha Kandam page 3
yuddha kandam
Ravana got infuriated. He ordered four mighty ogres to catch and kill that insolent monkey. Angada allowed himself to be caught.....

Yuddha Kandam page 4
yuddha kandam
Akampana was raining arrows on the monkeys and killing them wholesale. This monstrous act of him infuriated Hanuman....

Yuddha Kandam page 5
yuddha kandam
Ravana felt that life was meaningless after the death of his beloved brother Kumbhakarna. He drove away Vibheeshana because he was a hindrance....

Yuddha Kandam page 6
yuddha kandam
The loss of the three generals stirred Ravana to greater wrath. He directed his arrows against Rama. A tremendous duel ensued. Each tried to hurt....