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  • Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there. - Clarence W. Hall
 Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most important festivalsfor the Christians  and marks the beginning of the spring season. Easter is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by Christians all over the world. The term 'Easter' was first used when Christianity was introduced to the Saxons.

Easter Timing

The preparation takes off as early as on the Ash Wednesday from which the period of penitence of forty days in the Lent begins. The Lent and the Holy week end on the Easter Sunday, the day of resurrection. The West observe it on the first day of the full moon that occurs on or following the Spring equinox on March 21., it became a movable feast between March 21 and April 25.

Easter was celebrated on 12th April in year 2009 and is celebrated on April 4th in 2010. Since this event occurred at the beginning of spring, the festival is called Easter. The word is derived from Eostre or Ostare, the ancient goddess of spring. The Easter dates are not fixed and are determined by two non-Christian festivals-the Jewish Passover and the spring festival of pagans.

On Good Friday, Jesus Christ was executed by crucifixion. His body was removed from the cross and buried in a cave outside Jerusalem. On Sunday morning, the tomb was found empty  by his followers and disciples. After Resurrection Jesus was sighted in many public places. 

Easter Celebrations

Easter Celebrations in the Vatican, Rome

Easter celebration Christians around the world make elaborate preparations to celebrate Easter which is the oldest of all Christian festivals. The festival marks the transition from death to life. It symbolizes new beginnings and joys in a Christian's life. There is usually a midnight mass on Easter. There would be any early-morning sun-rise service too. Easter marks the end of the period of Lent, and the fast is broken on this day. Before breaking the fast, Christians go to the church for the Holy Communion. After this, they greet each other, wishing each other 'Happy Easter'. At home, wine is an essential accompaniment for lunch. The evening is set aside for get-togethers of family and friends, and dinner is a large elaborate feast.

Easter Symbols

There are many symbols associated with Christian Easter Sunday such as eggs, rabbits, chicks, lilies, sunrise service and new outfits. It is believed that Easter Eggs represent the beginning of life while rabbits and chicks represent the rebirth of the earth. Besides, the  Easter Lily, is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter in India

India is a secular country and it accepts all religions together with their customs and traditions.The seeds for the celebration of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was sown by the British and it grew over time with the advent of the Portuguese and the French in India.

In India, Easter Sunday is celebrated by all Christians alike throughout the country. In Mumbai, Goa and the Northeastern states especially the festivities are elaborate. The churches with their special prayers and decorations attract one and all. Goa has one of the largest concentrations of Christians anywhere in India and the Easter celebrations are amongst the biggest in the country here.
People exchange pleasantries and gifts with one another on Easter day. The Indian Government has declared the Friday before Easter called the Good Friday as a National Holiday. Hence it is taken to be a long weekend for all Indians alike!

Easter is a great day of fun and enjoyment which can be best complimented by a sumptuous meal for the family and friends.

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