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Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in the month of August every year. Friendship is a wonderful relationship with an enchanting chemistry between friends and makes you feel like a magic. The right way to define a friend is that he/she are the one who knows all about us and are there with us in all our ups and downs and reasoning our worries. Unlike other relationship parents, sisters, brothers which are destined by fate, this is the only relation where we have the liberty to choose our own friend. All human beings are filled with feelings and emotions and thus to have someone close to our heart to share our joy and sadness is one of the best feeling on universe.

Thus true friends are rare and rare treasures are to be possessed with great care. Apart from caring the treasure you need to make them realize the fact how important they are and where you have placed them in your life. So to make them feel special give a number of gifts like flowers, cards, bracelets, rings and wrist bands, as a token of your love on this special occasion called 'Friendship Day'. One factor which can never be compromised is friends and there happiness. Thus we being social creatures and knowing the values and importance of friends, let us celebrate this noble day with friends and friendship.


The celebration of Friendship Day was initially started in the West. The US Congress realized the value of friends in each one's life and in 1935 conferred the 1st Sunday of August as the International Friendship Day. This idea of dedicating a day for the friends and celebrating friendship day was liked by most of the people and soon it started its celebration throughout the globe. In 1997, Winnie the Pooh was appointed as the world's Ambassador of Friendship. But apart from this one can go through the epics like Mahabharata where Lord Krishna displays all the emotions of friendship. Even in the Bible there is lot of references to friends depicting the value of "Friendship".


The most traditional way of celebrating this Friendship Day is the friends meet together exchange cards, gifts and flowers to honor their friends. Different programs are hosted by the various social and cultural organizations.

Celebrations across the globe

Friendship Day The most common way of celebrating this day involves the meeting up of friends and exchanging gifts or plan out for dinner or a meal. But however these days the younger generations are celebrating it in a different way go out parties or attend special performances by rock bands organized in countries like the US to enhance the moment of rejoicing.

But however the most recent way of celebration in most of the places includes the Friendship Band which they exchange between friends and tie in their hand for a long and an everlasting bond. This is the most favourite of the upcoming generations and these friendship bands are available in most of the stores all over the country.

Friendship day Celebration in India

In India though the concept is little old it is still celebrated with much fun in urban societies than the rural areas. The main aim of the day is to meet up with friends and to have a major time for fun. The friends very enthusiastically cards and gifts between each other and spend of the time of that day together. In India there are parties hosted by number of restaurants with entertainments, disco's etc which are very enjoyable. There are also many restaurants which offer food at a decent price so that people from all classes can enjoy the Friendship Day. Otherwise people, who cannot afford this, make it a point to meet their friends in one of their pal's house and have fun.

Friendship day Gifts

Celebration never goes without gifts for it is one of the best ways to show your feelings and love for each other. On a Friendship Day we show or express recognition or realization all those special moments we have spent together, all those secrets we have shared together and all those emotions we have felt together. The best gift you could ever give your friends is spending of your time with them in your favourite hang-out. Some of the gifts includes

  • Bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • T-shirt, bag or cap with friendship message written on it.
  • Wristband, or a wristlet
  • A card featuring poems, quotations, greetings, old photos of you and your friend.
  • Plan for a vacation to your friend's favourite spot.
Friendship Day Symbol

The most considered and authorized flower for Friendship Day celebration are the yellow roses for they are believed to symbolize bliss, friendship, pleasure and the promise of a new beginning.

Friendship Stones

The common friendship stones which symbolize happiness and joy are Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, Turquoise Egg, etc. Friendship Plant The Jade plant which has pink and white flowers is also known as the "Friendship Tree". The plant is said to spread joy and positive energy and add happiness in this beautiful relation. The green juicy leaves signify joy and energy between two friends. Different ways of sending messages to your friends on Friendship Day:

Message 1

Friendship is never an accident...
it is something one has to nurture
over the years. I hope every year
our friendship becomes stronger

Message 2

With you beside my friend
I have seen my world becoming
a beautiful place....My dreams
turning into reality

Message 3

Friendship is a place where dreams
are nurtured, shared, celebrated, a
place where happiness begins

Message 4

There are no strings attached to
a friendship, no bonds to hold
or ties to bind. Friendship stand
on its own

Message 5

It takes time to build a castle,
It takes longer to make a friend
Happy Friendship Day to a friend
where friendship is more precious
than the richest castle

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