World Coconut Day, Coconut Day, World Coconut Day sept2nd, September 2nd Coconut Day


World Coconut Day

September 2 is observed as World Coconut Day to make people understand that this crop has a vital role in poverty reduction.

There is one organisation called 'Asian and Pacific Coconut Community', head quartered at Jakarta. This organisation of Coconut is associated with the socio-economic aspects of millions of people, who directly and indirectly depend on this crop. It provides food, food security, livelihood security, exportearning, import substitute and comprehensive protection to small and big holders and other agro-industries depending on it.

Coconut is described as 'Tree of life' or 'Heavelny tree' or 'Tree of abundance', because of its unique property by providing food, nutrition, drink, health, aesthetic sense, building material and other useful household material.

Press Freedom Day On this World Coconut Day, the importance of this tree should be propagated and made aware of its intrinsic value in the life of mankind. Hence coconut farming is of immense importance, seeing its value in different aspects of human life. Every part of the fruit is valuable and useful in someway or the other. Coconut production is an alternative method of food production as well as employmentr generation.

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