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Indian Plastic industry INDIAN PLASTIC INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2011 - 2012Indian Plastic industry

The Indian plastics industry is slated to grow between 10% to 12%, in this decade. Consumption level, which is expected to reach 8 to 10 million tons. The PlastIndia Foundation expects business transactions worth $ 150 million per annum.

Crisil report suggests HDPE to achieve 74 percent growth by 2012 with respect to 2005 figures.The corresponding figures for LDPE,LLDPE and PP are respectively 2 %,75% and 141 %.

The current statistics for the industry is as :

(1) Major raw material producers-15
(2) Processing units-25,000 units
(3) Turnover (Processing industry)-Rs 85,000 crores
(4) Capital Asset (Polymer Industry)-Rs.55,000 crores
(5) Raw Material Produced-5.3 MMT
(6 Raw Material Consumed-5.1 MMT
(7) Employed(Direct/Indirect)- 3.3 million
(8) Export Value Approx-US $ 1.90 billion
(9) Revenue to Govt-Rs 7300 crores.
Demand Potential for 2011to 2012-12.5 MMT Additional Employment-4 million Investment Potential-Rs 84,000 crores.

Indian Plastic industry in 2011-2012
Proper usage of plastics would help improve the present environmental condition as it provides for a substitute for wood and paper and hence could help maintain the forest reserves.

Currently,75 percent of the plastic processing is done in SSI(small scale Industries).

Over 3.3 Million employed in about 22,000 units. Average unit output is around 200-225 TPA (¼th of China & 1/8thof USA).

Indian Plastic Industry  INDIAN plastic INDUSTRY AT A Glance IN 2012 - 2013

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