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Indian Telecom Industry INDIAN TELECOM INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2011 - 2012 Indian Telecom Industry

The telecom sector continues to grow,in a steady phase. The total number of telephones increased from 206.8 million on 31 March 2007 to 926.95 million on 31 December 2011. Tele-density is an important indicator of telecom penetration in the country.

It has increased from 18.2 per cent in March 2007 to 76.8 per cent in December 2011.

Tele-density varies across areas and there is a significant urban-rural divide.

While it reached 167.4 per cent in the urban areas at the end of December 2011, rural tele-density was only 37.5 per cent.

Indian Telecom Industry  INDIAN TELECOM AT A Glance IN 2012 - 2013

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