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Indian garment industry INDIAN GARMENT INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2012 - 2013 Indian garment industry

India's garment industry is one of the mainstays of the national economy. It is also one of the largest contributing sectors of India's exports worldwide. The garment industry accounts for 14% of industrial production, which is 4% of GDP and employs 45 million people and accounts for nearly 11% share of the country's total exports basket.

India's exports of Textiles and Clothing together clubbed as garments is pegged at USD 64.41 billion by the end of March, 2017. Exports of garment products from India have increased steadily over the last few years, particularly after 2004 when textiles exports quota was discontinued.

Textiles exports in the financial period of 2012- 2013 witnessed a negative 7.55 percent growth in dollar terms although there was a 6.00 percent growth in rupee terms.

Indian Garments Industry in 2012-2013
During the year 2012-13, Garments accounted for almost 39% of the total textiles exports. The total textile exports during 2012-13 was valued at Rs 137619.44 crore as against Rs 129829.30 crore during the corresponding period of financial year 2011-12, registering an increase of 6.00 percent in rupee terms.

In US dollar terms, the same was valued at US$ 25263.74 million as against US$ 27328.06 million during the corresponding period of previous financial year registering a decline of 7.55 percent in US$ terms.

Indian Garment Industry  INDIAN garment INDUSTRY AT A Glance IN 2011 - 2012

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