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Indian Fashion IndustryINDIAN FASHION INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2014 - 2015 Indian Fashion Industry

India's fashion industry is dynamic and encompasses a number of trends of late. Fashion retailing in India remains a lucrative business opportunity for both domestic and international players. After a period of low economic growth and sluggish business activity, the Indian economy has begun moving towards higher business activity and increasing consumer confidence.

India's merchandise retail market was worth USD 525 billion, in 2014, of which USD 41 billion, or around 8 percent, came from apparel. The Indian apparel market is expected to grow at a promising CAGR of 9 percent over the coming decade. Along with the increase in population and increase in disposable incomes, increasing access to fashion trend, rapid penetration of organized retail into smaller cities are the main reasons behind the growth of the Indian Fashion Industry. Also E-commerce is now playing an important role in this area.Currently, apparel and lifestyle contribute around 25 percent of the USD 2.3 billion e-tailing market.Due to the increasing acceptance of e-tailing by consumers across the country.

Indian Fashion in 2014-2015
This share is expected to increase to 30% by 2020. Brick & mortar retailers are also moving away from purely physical store-based e-tailing to multi-channel retailing, which helps them reach a wider customer base.

Apart from clothing , accessories, watches and bags have also contributed a lot to the growth of the Indian fashion segment. These are things that complete the fashion statement of the Indian man/woman. Nowadays echo-friendly fashion items have also caught the attention of the Indian shopper.

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