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Alkali Manufacturers' Association (AMAI) of India was established in 1960 and registered in 1977. AMAI is a Registered Non-profit making Public Limited Company under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956. AMAI is an apex body representing Indian Chlor-Alkali Industry at various fora like Regulatory bodies, Govt. of India, concerned Deptt. of Ministries like Deptt. of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Salt Commissioner, Bureau of Indian Standards, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Deptt. of Explosives, Inspectorate of Factories, ICC, FICCI, CII, etc.

Alkali Manufacturers' Association
Globally, AMAI is represented at World Chlorine Council representing Regional Chlorine Associations in about 28 countries, covering 90% World Chlorine Capacity. The Association is also represented at UNEP through WCC Mercury Partnership Programme and Global Safety Team of WCC. AMAI is also represented on WCC Governing Council, after it recently joined WCC as full Member on 16th Feb., 2012 during WCC-AMAI Membership Signing Ceremony at New Delhi.

The Association is funded by subscription from its Member Companies.
  • The Executive Director heads the organization and looks after day-to-day work of the Association.

  • AMAI have been strengthened in various areas. The Joint Director (Technical) handles all technical matters, statistical information, co-ordination with Members and assists the Executive Director in all day to day matters, while the Director looks after all activities related to the assoication. Sh. B.S. Gilra is Chairman, AMAI Technical Committee for over a decade.

  • AMAI represents all Manufacturers of Caustic Soda, Chlorine and Soda Ash in the country covering almost 100% Chlor Alkali capacity in India. Total of 30 Member Companies are associated with AMAI.

  • Representatives of Member Units form an Executive Committee every year, which includes the President and Vice President. The President and Vice President who are elected for two years term at the time of Annual General Meeting, scheduled in the month of September every year.

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