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The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation was founded in the year 1944. The Federation is made up five Regional Associations viz., Eastern India Glass Manufacturers' Association (EIGMA)- in Kolkata, Northern India Glass Manufacturers' Association (NIGMA)- Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (UP), South India Glass Manufacturers' Association (SIGMA)- Hyderabad, U.P. Glass Manufacturers' Syndicate (UPGMS)-mostly in Firozabad and Western India Glass Manufacturers' Association (WIGMA)-Mumbai. The Federation was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) as a Limited Company on 25.06.1970.

  • a) To encourage, promote and also to develop the manufacture of glass articles of all kinds and to safeguard and protect the interests of glass industry and glassware business in India.

  • b) To form a common link amongst Glass Manufactures' also in India and thus develop a spirit of mutual help and co-operation with one another.
  • c) To promote the study and research in Glass Technology

  • d) To consider all matters relating to the manufacture and even marketing of glass articles in India and the question of export and import thereof.

  • e) To devise ways and means for securing necessary supply of raw materials required for the manufacture of glass articles at comparatively lower prices and thus to decrease the cost of production and increase the national wealth.

  • f) To collect necessary information and data and propagate it for the benefit it for the benefit of Glass Industry and trade in India.

  • g) To make representations whenever it is necessary to the Union Govt. or any unit of the Union of India for the removal of difficulties that might hamper the trade of glass articles or for grant of special facilities for the glass industry.

  • h) To draw Government or public attention to the difficulties in the way of Glass Industry and to solve other problems confronting it and to solicit their help and support through concerted action.

  • i) To organize a united front on behalf of all glass manufacturers and thus strive to gain all those advantages which may not be possible through individual effort.
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All those engaged in mostly manufacturing manufacture of glass and glass articles are enrolled as 'ordinary' members of the AIGMF and those associated with the Glass Industry are enrolled as 'Affiliate' members of the Federation. Almost all glass manufacturers including many in the small Scale Sector are 'ordinary' members of the Federation. Articles of Association of the AIGMF were also amended in September, 1992 to enroll foreign companies as Affiliate Members of the Federation. The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation was formed in 1944 but was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, in June 1971.

The Federation represents all segments of glass industry consisting of large, medium and small-scale manufacturers in different parts of the country. It is a matter of gratification that the Federation is the sole representative body of all categories of glass manufacturers in India. The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation (AIGMF) has launched an initiative to create awareness about the benefits of glass as an eco-friendly option. This is part of the glass industry body's campaign on environment consciousness and sustainability wherein the federation will target about 2000 schools and colleges throughout India.


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