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All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA) was established in the year 1983 for the progress and scientific development as well as in removing obstacles mainly to achieve rapid and constant growth in the field. Over the years, it has been successfully creating maximum awareness in the international stone markets for most of the exotic Indian stones and brought continuous interaction between Indian ornamental stone industries and world stone trade.

Granite Association
It has been established with a major commitment to serve India's ornamental Stone Industries which usually specialize in granites, marbles, sandstones, slates, limestone, quartzite, etc. All along the Association has been very aggressive in taking the problems to concerned authorities, knocking the doors of the lowest to the highest and solving them by getting positive and favorable action to help and augment India's stone trade.

Mission of AIGSA:
  • Promotion of Indian Natural Stone and ancillary industries to get the most of the trade and technology up gradation.

  • Representing the industry as a whole to the highest bodies of the State and Union governments to put forth the problems, explain the issues and get proper remedial solution and right policies.

  • Consolidating the whole of the industry which is mainly to speak in one voice and act as single force to meet the eventualities concerning the industry.

  • Circulating to the members the existing policies which are revised rules, new orders, incentives, etc., announced by the State and Union governments and financial institutions in respect of venturing, production, export and import procedures, duties, etc., related to the industry in general and natural stone industry in particular.

  • Organizing international fairs named STONA showcasing the products of Indian firms engaged in granite, marble and other stone business, to promote export potential of their wares giving wide publicity internationally to such fairs to ensure impressive attendance from all countries.

  • Conducting seminars, conferences, buyer-seller meets and workshops time to time on vital issues and important matters concerning the granite, marble and other stones industry.

  • Interacting with members individually and collectively to meet different situations arising time to time.

  • Updating members constantly on latest news and developments.

  • Emphasis on Environmental safeguards and Eco friendly working.
India which is the land of Exotic Stones and ornamental stones scenario has a vast resource of colourful, attractive stones which are nature's wonder gifts. India possesses enormous deposits of all types of natural dimensional stones with a variety of excellent properties. These are granites, marbles, slates, sand stones, limestones and quartzites. India has advanced to international level in its quarrying and processing techniques and capacity and has established its own status in the world stone market with large exports. Has a very large domestic market for all types of stones almost equal to Exports. Products range from cubes, size stones, pavement slabs, standard slabs and tiles, monuments, memorials and made to order items. Several thousand units mostly in small scale and cottage sectors cater to the local needs.

There are also many export-oriented units. Initial recognition for Indian granites originated from chiselled and hand-polished memorials exported to England, Ireland, and Japan, etc. Faster processing and production of polished stones became a reality in 1940s, 50s and 60s. The industry grew rapidly from 70's. Exports of dimensional blocks commenced in 70's to Japan and also in smaller extent to countries like England, Germany, Italy, etc. Immediately after black dimensional blocks, export of red granites and thereafter, some of the names became the most popular and recognised worldwide. To mention a few, Jet Black, Premium Plus and Premium Black, Ruby Red, Imperial Red, Paradiso, Black Galaxy, Kashmere White, Green Marble and Red Sand Stone, etc. The trend for cut and polished granites became the main focus and grew fast since 1985. Almost 70 per cent of the present total export value includes added finished products.

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