Indian Magazines Association



The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) is termed as the first industry representation for magazines in India. The Association of Indian Magazines has been launched to support and defend the freedom of the press and promote the cause of magazines. The effort here lies to consolidate the industry as a group.

Association of Indian Magazines
AIM represents magazine publishers' interests in the country and helps revitalize the magazine industry editorially and economically. The association mainly aims to establish better understanding, cooperation and unity among all magazine publishers and with all key constituents such as consumers, advertisers, print and production agencies, advertising agencies, market research companies and the Government.

The Objects of the Association of Indian Magazines shall be:
  • To ensure development of magazines which are devoted to science, art, culture, women, literature, children, fashion, politics, administration environment, entertainment, law, yoga, cookery, technology, business, industry, current affairs and of any other subject.

  • To establish better understanding, co-operation and unity among all magazine Publishers.

  • To collect and obtain steady information on matters affecting the members, make representations to the various authorities and to appear before any authority in the interest of protection and betterment for the publishing of magazines and to publish and circulate these and any other matter to members and others.

  • To assist the members of the Association in settling their disputes inter-se or with others arising out of commercial transactions and to set up panels of arbitrators.

  • To communicate with the movements of Government, local and public authorities, other trade societies, chambers of trade and commerce in India and other countries and with individuals on all subjects.

  • To conduct readership surveys which is either by itself or through any suitable agencies.

  • To campaign for the promotion of various magazines.

  • To conduct research, hold seminars and conferences, organize and promote exhibitions, shows and other activities for furtherance of trade and to fund, maintain, manage libraries, educational and cultural institutions, publish charts, catalogues, directories, leaflets, statistics, magazines, books and other publications, and circulate these.

  • To raise funds for carrying on the activities of the Association.

  • To educate the magazine publishers by sponsoring delegation(s), surveys and/or study teams.

  • To support or oppose and take necessary action at appropriate fora including legal recourse and to represent, defend and support/oppose any such move, legislation, taxation or other concerned measure, imposition or enactment likely to affect magazine publishers for the protection of legitimate rights, interests and work of trades.

  • To acquire by purchases, donations, gifts or otherwise any movable and/or immovable properties, rights, titles and interests in the interest of the Association and its objects and to manage them.

  • To organize, subscribe and undertake community service projects including building and maintaining hospital or dispensary in the interest and for the welfare of the public.

  • To invest the money of the Society as may be decided by the Governing Body from time to time and in particular to acquire and hold land, buildings and other properties as may be considered beneficial to achieve the objectives of the Association.

  • To appoint staff honorary or paid, either on part time or full time basis and pay them their salaries and other expenses as may be required in the discharge of the duties relating to the functioning of the Association.

  • To borrow funds from time to time from banks, financial institutions, individuals, companies, trusts, societies and/or other organizations as may be required in furtherance of the objects of the Association, provided however, that such borrowing is approved by minimum of 3/4th majority of members of the Governing body, including the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

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