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Manjira is known by many names like the jhanj, tala, mondira, (small size) kafi. Manjeera is basically a set of small cymbals and is a ubiquitous component of dance, music and bhajans. It is a very ancient instrument seen on temple walls going back to the earliest of times which are usually made of brass. Manjeera is the most inexpensive and easy to play Instrument, accompanies all kinds of singing, especially devotional.

It is made of two small copper plates tied together with a string. Hitting one against the other at its edge produces its high pitched sound. The Manjira is a traditional Indian percussion instrument which has simplest form with pair of small hand cymbals. The instrument is used in various religious ceremonies of India, especially bhajans - devotional songs dedicated to some Indian god or goddess.

The Manjeera consists of a wooden frame with two long straight handles which connect to each other along with two short wooden handles; the open space between the long handles has a wooden separator that separates two rows of three (total of six) brass jingles.

Manjira is mainly used during a performance of bhajans or ritual songs and used along with classical music in India. Manjira often accompanies the dance performances as well along with other heavy musical Instruments. The tinkling and soft metallic sound of the Manjira is very pleasant to hear.

Manjira is a simple side rhythm instrument normally used in accompaniment of Bhajans and other forms of devotional music. It consists of two small semi-conical discs made from brass, held together by a cotton string. The two discs are struck on each other rhythmically to play different patterns. The strokes have two main sounds - open and closed. The pitch of the Manjira sound is dependent upon its diameter, weight and the quality of brass.

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