In School Text Books

1.Environmental Studies Class 4

Find out the type of work done by the following people: lawyer, sculptor, goldsmith, jockey, magician, chef. WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION www, makers/ maks.html - Book overview - Preview

2.Frank Environmental Studies Class 5 - Page 21

Venu Tulsi, Preetika Sawhney - 2016 - 21 pages
some matches on T.V. such as hockey, tennis, cricket, etc.? Write a paragraph on your experience of watching the match. WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION CHAPTER I lUli AL With time, many ancient sports and. - Book overview - Preview

3.Inquisitive Social Sciences For Class -7 - Page 27

Kiran Ashok Kumar - 27 pages The Books are well Informative and entirely based on NCERT/CBSE syllabus. In Accordance with the Latest NCERT Syllabus and CBSE Guidelines and as per CCE Pattern - Book overview - Preview

4.Our Living World 5 - Page 42

Our Experts - 42 pages
The series is based on the latest NCERT syllabus. The books will make children sensitive to the environment and the need for its protection. NCF 2005 advocates the learning-from-everyday-life approach which has been adopted for the lessons. Interesting fun facts will stimulate the curious minds of the young learners. Included is a section on safety habits, Time to Do aims to promote learning through interactive activities. - Book overview - Preview