Indian Temples



India is home to one of the world's oldest religions, Hinduism.

It also has a Muslim population estimated at more than 140 million and significant Christian and Sikh minorities.

A growing trend is for people to go online to get their daily dose of religion.

Religions & Temples

Religions plays an important role in the daily life of Indians. Religion is very important to most Indians, and the country is dotted with temples and religious shrines. Their place of workship includes TemplesChurchesMosquesBuddist TemplesGurudwara. Click this link to see more on Religions & Temples

Alphabetical List of Temples

Search TemplesChurchesMosquesGurudwara by their names.Click this link to see more on Alphabetical List of Temples

State Wise Temples

TemplesChurchesMosquesGurudwara with in the states. This will help you to plan your pilgrimage tour. Click this link to see more on Temples by State. You can search temples by their zones. North indian temples, west india temples, east india temples, central india temples, south indian temples these are the zonewise temples in india. Click this link to see more on Temples by Zones

Temples By Various Gods

The god lives in each and every living being in the form of Atman. As each living being is a unique manifestation of god, in ancient times, it was believed that there were 330 million living things and this has led to the idea of 330 million gods. Some of the important gods and goddess are as follows: Lord Ganesha , Lord Brahma , Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, More Gods...