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Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the best shopping destinations of not only for the natives but also people coming from other parts of the country and the world. Bapu bazaar is situated in the heart of the city falling between the Sanganer Gate and the New Gate of the pink city, Jaipur. The Bapu Bazaar is of major interest to the localities of Jaipur. The Bapu bazaar is lined with number of shops which is busy throughout the year. The shops in the Bapu bazaar mainly sell things like brass works, precious stones, textiles and many more which are sold in almost all the shops.

Dress Materials The Bapu bazaar is one place in Jaipur which is always flocked not only by the native shoppers but also by people coming from other parts of the country. There is no specific season for the activity of the bazaar for it is always busy and full of energy. Bapu bazaar is the most popular market in Jaipur. In general there are so many reasons why Jaipur is regarded as a top tourist destination especially for shopping. Some of the features like the great number of palaces, forts, havelis, and scenic beauty and of course the vibrant shopping areas are main reasons for Jaipur being the centre of attraction of many people visiting this area. While we are at Jaipur shopping at Bapu bazaar should be a must in "to do list" owing to its extreme popularity.

Bapu bazaar has become an ultimate shopping destination for the people of Jaipur for its allure, dynamism and handiness of a varied display of the handmade Rajasthani products all inside the same market. The multiplicity which is been in sale in the Bapu bazaar pulls in a large number of people especially for all those who are major shoppers. Those visiting Bapu bazaar can buy a variety of traditional and special products of the state of Rajasthan which are textiles, perfumes, products made from camel skin and many more.

Mojari Foot Wears Made From the Skin of Camel

Bag Materials The Mojari foot wears is of great attraction to the shoppers and it is available for both men and women in attractive vibrant colors. It is sold like hot cakes.The Mojari foot wears made from the skin of camel are designed with beautiful embroidery patterns and are available in varying patterns and colors. The Mojari foot wears which are available in the Bapu bazaar are exclusive to the state of Rajasthan and it s very difficult to find this in any other parts of the country. Even if something similar to this is available in any part of the country the workmanship will not be as good as the one we get in Rajasthan. Also the Mojari sold in the market of Bapu bazaar is not priced high but are available in affordable prices which are why many people buy a number of foot wear during their shopping.

Apart from the Mojaris other leather products sold in the shops of Bapu bazaar are slightly on the expensive side for most of the leather accessories available are handmade. The sandstone and marble products along with the different handicraft products available in the Bapu Bazaar bring out the essence of the state of Rajasthan. The Bapu bazaar is full of handicraft items which can be the best souvenirs which can be bought for the loved ones, friends and family members. Like any other shopping market across the country, bargaining is an added skill which should be in a shopper to get the best deal.

Shoppers Going to Bapu Bazaar should Brush up their Skills:

Shopping Area The shoppers going to Bapu bazaar have to brush up their skills of bargaining and only then venture into the market, for bargaining helps in reducing the rate of the items sold here. Bapu bazaar promises unbeatable prices for all the customary and traditional items of Jaipur. It is not a requirement or always necessary for all those who are visiting Bapu bazaar to buy, one can take a cool meander through the shops in Bapu bazaar. As we take a stroll round the shops in Bapu bazaar we can automatically see ourselves getting lively when we see the colorful products which are displayed in the bazaar. Bapu Bazaar can be even described as a cache store of valuable or delightful things which are the typical Jaipuri stuff like salwar suits, bed sheets, Jaipuri jutis, cushions and readymade suits.

Bed spreads and salwar suits in beautiful vibrant hues are the best selling products from the market of Bapu bazaar. The bed spreads sold here are available in various native prints like sanganeri prints, bagru prints and batik prints. These prints also go in for the suit materials of which bhandhej suits and bed sheets top the list. At Bapu bazaar the lanes are quite narrow and one has to make his or her way through the crowded market to buy their products.

Bangles are also Another Unique Product of the Bapu Bazaar

Bangles The bangles are also another unique product of the Bapu bazaar. There are lots of shops in this area dealing with home furnishings. Bapu Bazaar also has few shops famous for craft and home decor items. A must-have here is chat pakoris, especially Gol Gappas or Pani Puris. Bapu bazaar works throughout the week and remains closed only on Sundays and public holidays. It is extremely crowded on Saturdays and effectively functions from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The idea time to visit the Bapu bazaar is between 12 in the afternoon to 4 in the evening for there will be less crowd during this time. However after that the market gets busy with lot of crowd visiting the bazaar.

If you want to buy some cheap and at the same time quality products then the best place to head towards is the Bapu bazaar. Though Bapu bazaar is considered as one of the best place to buy Jaipur special traditional textiles, bed linen and the Jaipuri quilts but now is also noted and recognized for its latest trendy garments and foot wears especially the jutis at much cheaper prices than in any other market. As mentioned earlier bargaining is a standard custom in this market to get the best deal.

Most Common Products Which can be Purchased from the Shops:

Wooden Products Some of the most common products which can be purchased from the shops at Bapu bazaar are bags, home furnishing, home decor stuff, silverware, trousseau packing, gifts, handicrafts, gemstones, jewelry (Silver/ Gold/ Colored gemstones), marble products, traditional block print garments and textiles, blue pottery, rajais (quilts), trinkets, lak ki chudi (Lacquerware bangles), mojris (Traditional Rajashtani leather footware), bandhani work (Traditional Rajasthani Tie & Dye), miniature paintings, kundan meena (enamel) jewelry, marble sculptures, gold filigree and inlay work. Linking road as mentioned earlier which is a part of the extension of Bapu bazaar is situated right next to Saraogi Mansion.

Linking Road

Bapu bazaar also leads to an extension known as Link road which is another popular area of the Bapu bazaar. The Link road is known for its shops which sell artificial junky jewelry made of colorful semi precious stones. Linking road is noted for its handicrafts items like puppets, bandhanwars, wall hangings and white metal artifacts.

There are small eateries at Bapu bazaar in mobile carts and also on the pavement shops. Golgappas and kulfi faluda are the two main Rajasthani special foods which should not be missed at Bapu bazaar. There are lot of shops at Bapu bazaar which sell tiny little trinkets. Also the Jaipur special ithar or the local perfume is available in almost all the shops. When it comes to shopping of bridal trousseau the ideal place is to visit the stores which are situated at Saraogi Mansion. Saraogi Mansion is closed on all Sundays.

Stores Which Sell Exclusive Ethnic Jewellery:

Saree Materials For block printed specialties of Jaipur visit stores at Bapu Bazaar & Jauhari Bazar where one can find plenty of varieties and designs. Group of shop owners make gestures in such a way that they tempt the passersby to attract and buy things from behind neatly arranged racks of sequined mojaris and comfortable flats, carts stacked with chunky neck pieces, bangles and earnings and piles of chic vests, shorts, trousers, dresses and tee-shirts. The street shops mainly focus on artificial jewelleries studded with semi precious stones, earrings and other related accessories in varieties. The shops at Bapu bazaar have something to offer for everyone and also it is the best place to bargain to get the items at a much cheaper rate.

As we step towards the Bapu bazaar the narrow alleys dart into the busy bazaar selling anything and everything from textiles, antiques, silverware to handicrafts. Each lane has its own specialty. Bangles of Jaipur are famous not only among the natives but also for people coming from different parts of the country in the Bapu bazaar. Most of the clothes sold in this market and generally in the state of Rajasthan are bright like reds, pinks and greens that really stand out and the reason behind these bright hues are that they can be easily spotted in the desert. There are lot of shops which deal with blue pottery attracting lot of tourists and natives of Jaipur.