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Begum bazaar is one of the very oldest and biggest commercial market situated in close proximity at a distance of about half kilometer from the Naya Pul Bridge in the old city of Hyderabad. It is one of the main markets for household commodities housing both retail and wholesale shops. Begum bazaar is also a major bazaar in Hyderabad which deals with gold, silver, commodities, kirana, dry fruits, household items, tobacco, cloths, Chinese products, plastic households, paper, stationery, plastic bags, dry fruits, holi-colours, crockery, ayurvedic-unani products, kumkum, kites, Ganesh idols, puja materials and much more.

Bangle Items Begum bazaar is always crowded with people and being one of the major wholesale market, people and the retailers come from different parts of the city to buy their products. Begum bazaar is the place where you name it and carry the product with you. Begum bazaar also houses a number of shops for brassware products. Though this market does not deal with branded clothes and foot wears but still there are number of shops dealing with wide variety of clothes and shoes. History states that the land for the Begum bazaar was given as a gift to the merchants of Hyderabad for trade and commerce by the wife of Nizam Ali Khan Nizamul Mulk, Humda Begum. Slowly after a long period of development this bazaar came to be called as Begum Bazaar.

The shops at Begum Bazaar are mostly owned by Marwadi community people. In fact these people who run the shops at Begum Bazaar where the migrants from Rajasthan who were welcomed by the then Nizam of Hyderabad. The first Ganesh Mandapam in the city of Hyderabad was set up in Begum Bazaar and now it is quite popular and famous among the natives of Hyderabad. Begum Bazaar is one of the oldest commercial markets with innumerable shops catering to all the household requirements of the people. Begum bazaar is always thronged by people. Some of the most renowned and established commercial firms of Hyderabad are situated in Begum Bazaar.

Biggest Market ifor wholesale, mithai, plastic bags

Decorating Materials Firms like Chouthmal Mohanlal for wholesale Kirana, Satyanarayan Mithai Bhandar for Sweets and which is also the biggest market in south for plastic bags with leading shops like Ashoka Plastics and Sri Vishnu Enterprises established in 1980's are all situated in Begum bazaar. Begum bazaar is also the South India's biggest market of tobacco products with very reputed firms like Ratanlal Hiralal Bhati. The National Electrical Works, a very old establishment dealing with generators for the past 65 years is situated in the Begum bazaar. They also have the option of renting out generators. The Afzal Gunj stop is the bus stop which is in close proximity to Begum Bazaar.

Begum bazaar is very well connected to the rest of the city of Hyderabad by the APSRTC. The closest MMTS Train station is at Malakpet and Nampally which is nearer. The business turnover everyday at Begum Bazaar is worth crores. The household articles are purchased at best price in Begum Bazaar. Begum bazaar also houses the city's second biggest fish market at Musheerabad. Moazzam Jahi market situated in close proximity to Begum Bazaar is the largest fruit and vegetable market in Hyderabad and wholesalers come from different parts of the city to purchase in this market for retailing.

Restaurants and Hotels in and Around Begum Bazaar:

Fruits There are lot of shops which deals with jewelry, old books, handcraft items and electronic gadgets. Apart from these there are coffee shops, restaurants and hotels in and around Begum Bazaar. The ideal time to visit this place is in the afternoon for the crowd is comparatively less during that time. All kinds of electronic goods both branded and the local items are also easily available in this market. There are also number of street vendors having shops on the pavement of which few of them are by the tribal women of Andhra Pradesh.

Most of these shops have on sale anklets and waistbands by the tribal crowd. Though they are not made of genuine silver, if we are really lucky we might manage to spot a piece that's perfectly crafted. From little colorful clips to hold your hair in place to fancy, shiny clutches - there are chances that you might end up finding something you like. There is lots of footwear shops on the pavement which are sold here at a throw away price.

Very narrow streets and lanes:

Wall Hangings Rickshaws and cars are barred entry from Begum Bazaar due to the narrow crowded street, and only bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and pedestrians are allowed to enter. No three or four wheelers like rickshaws and cars are allowed to enter Begum Bazaar. The reason for not letting these vehicles inside the market is that because of the very narrow streets and lanes it leads to a heavy traffic. So entry is granted for vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and pedestrians only.