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Chowringhee road in Kolkata now known as Jawaharlal Nehru Road is one major shopping area in Kolkata. Though it is renamed as Jawaharlal Nehru Road it is more commonly known among the natives as Chowringhee road. One among the most energetic neighborhoods in the city of Kolkata, Chowringhee road owns both the business sectors and the shopping sectors. Once the British influenced the city to a major extent in the mid of the 18th century that they started constructing magnificent houses and mansions in the district.

Chowringee Shopping Bazaar This is how Kolkata got the name of city of palaces. Some of the major roads in Chowringhee are: Theatre Road, Middleton Street, Park Street, Camac Street and Sadar Street. Kolkata in general is one of the best places to hold good old retail therapy for it houses from flea market to huge shopping malls. It is a mind blowing experience generally to do shopping in Kolkata. Kolkata more favouritely known as City of Joy in general is the most vibrant part of the country with a long historical background too.

The Chowringhee lane is also known as the mini Kolkata also housing the other major attractions of the city like Victoria Memorial, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Birla Planetarium. The Chowringhee road in Kolkata offers everything under the roof with big stores to small tiny shops selling branded items to attractively unusual odds and ends. There are lots of street hawkers in this road selling not only accessories and other products but also sell local food items to the sweeping views of the huge park called Maidan.

Chowringhee Road is crowded through the year

Sports Products Buying Shop The Chowringhee road is crowded through the year with the bustle of Kolkata and also beggars pestering you for money. The Chowringhee road is situated in Central Kolkata and extending on its Western side. During the 17th century the Chowringhee road was a small settlement of isolated simply constructed dwelling which was surrounded by paddy fields and bamboo grooves. It was more of a water -logged area.
Chowringhee road has more of pavement vendors queuing the street from Park Street to New Market, selling everything from curios to gummy. There are lots of shops in Chowringhee road which deal with terracotta wares which are the specialty of Kolkata city. The most attractive part of the terracotta items is the terracotta wall medallion which always comes in distinct traditional designs and variety. Buzzing with people, it has all which can be rendered as the limelight of the Chowringhee Lane. The Chowringhee lane starts its day by 10 in the morning and goes up to 9 in the night.

Best Place to Buy Bengali Souvenirs:

Soft Toys Shopping There are lot of shops selling souvenirs, textiles, foot wear and much more. The street hawkers sells key chains, dolls, clutches, etc. This is also the best place to buy Bengali souvenirs. The Chowringhee road can be easily reached by all kinds of transport including metro rails and bus. It is a different experience to go for shopping in Chowringhee lane. All kinds of products are sold in the Chowringhee road and the people who sell them too are very interesting to converse with too. Like any other market bargaining works in Chowringhee market too.

The shoppers going to Chowringhee road have to brush up their skills of bargaining and only then venture into market for bargaining helps in reducing the rate of the items sold here. Chowringhee road promises unbeatable prices for all the latest and trendy collections and items. But of course bargaining cannot be done at the retail showrooms. Not only textiles and accessories but this busy road is also famous for other products like clothes, books and music related items.

Chowringhee- a must visit destination

Wall Hanging Shopping At the time of festivals most of the shops here sell their products on discounts which is another way to do business. This is the best time to carry a huge baggage of shopping from Chowringhee. There are lot of food joints, restaurants and bars on the Chowringhee road. Apart from these restaurants small pavement shops on Chowringhee road is one of the best places in Kolkata to try street food. Kolkata owns a number of textile mills and hence there are lot of shops into readymade and fabric selling. So Chowringhee in Kolkata is a must to be visited shopping destination.

Place Where You Can Find Number of Stores and Small Shops:

Fascinating Antiques This is a place where you can find number of stores and small shops on the pavement selling everything from local food specialties to handmade jewellery and some curious yet fascinating antiques. There are number of retail stores on the Chowringhee road. Apart from the retail stores there are shops exclusively meant for selling international and local brands. The saying "shop till you drop" is applicable for almost all the shopping markets in Kolkata.

The market in the Chowringhee road exhibits a wide display of varied products. The area around Chowringhee road extending to Lindsay Street is one of the most popular commercial areas of the Kolkata city. Chowringhee road is supposed to be one of the most favorite markets of the natives of Kolkata and it is worth making a visit to this shopper's area to see what queer items and boast-worthy bargains you can pick up. The shops offer various ranges of products according to its rate and style. Most of the stalls here are very small where all these outlets are cramped into a small space.

Shops at Chowringhee Offer a Varied Range of Items

Fruit Shopping The shops at Chowringhee offer a varied range of items from local handicrafts to high- end expensive products. There is also a number of shops in the Chowringhee which deals with electronic gadgets. The shops at Chowringhee are of major attraction for the women especially because there are number of shops which deal with knick-knacks, novelty items, cosmetics and jewellery. No matter what your shopping list may contain, you are sure to be able to find it here. Visitors can often pick up ornaments, local produce, handicrafts and various bits and bobs while out and about on the streets.

Lots of Sweet Shops in the Chowringhee Road:

Cooking Products Street stalls line many residential and commercial areas alike and although they may be at times tiresome to navigate, they can often offer some of the best bargains. Chowringhee always bumbles with crowd. This street market not only provides roof for clothing and kitchen wares but also it houses various other markets. There are lots of sweet shops in the Chowringhee road. Each and every product sold here can be bought at a very reasonable price by bargaining. The shops in the market offer the customers everything such as home furnishing, fashionable clothing, bags, cosmetics, belts, sweaters, footwear, and other accessories.

This market is not only famous among the natives of Kolkata but also among the tourists and especially the students and college goers for it cater to all their requirements. So in between the busy shopping one can refresh themselves by hogging in the nearby shops. Apart from the roadside shops which sells the brands there are also other big showrooms in this market which sell the genuine fresh branded clothes and foot wears. There is a wide choice of color, lengths, styles, cuts and patterns from which we have the option to choose. There is lot of exclusive shops for saris which women should never miss to visit. Chowringee Fashion Products Some of the knick knacks of Chowringhee road include artificial and imitation jewelry, accessories and foot wears which are sold at a very reasonable price. There are hundreds of such small stores in and around Chowringhee road where each store has something new and interesting to offer.The entire market in the Chowringhee road is lined with shops full to the brim with books, music, jewellery, bags, clothes, shoes, incense, textiles, wooden statues, and handicrafts. There are number of textile shop in this area which apart from clothing materials also caters the people with home furnishing items like bags, bed spreads, cushion covers, wall hangings, etc.

Shops Specialized in Handmade Beaded Necklaces and Bangles:

Salwar Materials There are lot of jewellery shops which are mainly specialized in handmade beaded necklaces and bangles. Since these are handmade they are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. But however these jewellery shops price the ornaments little high because most of them involves intricate handmade designs. The handicraft items include the carved wooden statues of gods and goddesses, brass wares and decorations items.

One general rule which has to be followed by the customers is to bargain for almost all the shopkeepers here sell their products with double the rate of the original. Hence bargaining will help them in reducing the rate of the product. Handicrafts items, hippy clothing, shoes, paintings, brassware, Indian artifacts, leather work, and cheap jewelry are some of the most common things sold in the Chowringhee road.

Being a central hub of the city, a visit to the Chowringhee lane will give a new comer or the foreigners a greater perception into Kolkata. In and around Chowringhee Lane visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. This place can be reached by any means of local transport.