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Johari bazaar is one of the most renowned jewelry markets in Jaipur. The word Johari in Hindi means jeweler. Jewellery shopping at Johari bazaar in Jaipur gives the people a vibrant tone along witha multitude of choice and high spirits which confirms a lifetime experience. The wide array collection of a variety of products and items which are found in the shops at Johari bazaar is nothing but the portrayal of the wealthy culture and endowment of Rajasthan.

Without being affected to the fact that one cannot withstand the persistent persuasion of shopping in Johari Bazaar, they can leisurely travel around the shops of Johari Bazaar to feel the multi-colored existence of Jaipur city.

Johari Bazaar Shopping Area Not only the Johari bazaar but also most of the shopping markets in Jaipur are a treat for those who want to explore and unearth varieties of products. Johari bazaar situated within the walled city of Jaipur extends from north to south. The Johari bazaar is an ultimate shopping area for gems and jewelry buying. Most of the shops at Johari bazaar are very authentic and they are into wholesale selling.There are also many wholesale jewelry shops in the market where they sell their items to retailers in the world wide market.

Apart from the jewelry shops, there are also numbers of shops in Johari market for tie and dye saris, fabrics, suits, lehengas and textile materials. Johari bazaar is dotted with shops on both the side of the road which sell silver, gold, diamonds and precious gems. The two specialties' of Jaipur jewellery also includes Kundan and thewa jewellery. However the junky silver ornaments are those which attracts a major crowd especially the young women. There are nearly hundreds of shops in Johari bazaar so it gets quite difficult to check at every store but still the shoppers who come to this bazaar never mind going around.

Shops Dealing in Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Johari Street Shopping Johari Bazaar also has the famous Gopalji ka Rasta, the narrow lane teeming with wholesale and export shops dealing in precious and semi-precious stones. Just like Gopalji ka Rasta another famous shop in Johari bazaar is the Haldiyon ka Rasta which is very popular establishment dealing with all kinds of jewellery, gems, silverware and much more attractive products. Joahri bazaar starts its day only around 11 in the morning and is open mostly till 8 in the evening. This bazaar remains closed only on Sundays and other public holidays. The best time to visit the Johari bazaar is in the early evening when the crowd will be less. There are lot of shops in the pavements or footpaths which mainly sell items like jutis, puppets, traditional clothes and colorful bangles.

These small shops usually make shifts in owning the shops at different locations. The Johari is always a place of shoppers delight. Johari bazaar is the most ideal place to buy saris and lehangas in colorful bhandhej, or glittering gemstone jewellery. This bazaar is the place for gems, gold, silver and other studded jewellery. There is a specific area for the workstations for the jewelers which are very small lanes leading from the main bazaar road. The workstations inside these lanes are known as gaddis which are inhabited by the craftsmen since time immemorial. Some of the famous shops in Johari bazaar for saris are Rooplaxmi, Rana Saree Emporium and Jaipur Saree Kendra.

Best Places for Buying Broad Glass Bangles and Rajais:

Saree Shopping Quilts more commonly known as rajai from Jaipur are supposed to be very famous and the shops situated near the Hawa Mahal, Bapu Bazar, Chaura Rasta and Gopalji ka rasta are noted for these quilts. One of the best places for buying broad glass bangles is Roop Rani Bangles at Badi Chaupad which can be easily accessed from Johari bazaar. For Jaipur specialty footwears namely the mojris and jutis visit Rishi shoes situated right next to Hawa Mahal. Not to be missed is the Dahi Bade of LMB or Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar, perhaps the oldest and most popular sweet shop of the Pink City.

Satyam an exclusive khadi shop situated at the entrance of City palace in Johari bazaar is noted for its exquisite khadi with Mughal bootis hand-painted in real gold. The Chameliwala Bazaar situated behind the Zarawar Singh gate is a place very much frequented by shoppers to purchase some of the city's finest silverwork, tribal, ornamental, and traditional Kundan jewellery. There are also lot of shops in the Johari bazaar apart from jewellery selling Jaipur's famous blue pottery, as well as antiques and hand-blocked prints. Some of the main shopping areas in Johari bazaar include Hawa Mahal and Samode Haveli.

Johari Bazaar Situated Just Outside the Hawa Mahal

Designer Handbag Shopping Johari bazaar situated just outside the Hawa Mahal is always crowded with both the natives of Jaipur and people from other parts of the country and also from outside the country. At Johari bazaar the shoppers should also be beware of the duplicate gems which are more of a stone and not the genuine ones. So just getting deprived of sight by the precious stones is not a big thing in Johari Bazaar of the Pink City - care should be taken to buy the original stones. However the most abundant item of the Johari bazaar is the Gold Jewelry and the Silverware. Johari bazaar is also lined with number of fancy stores which deal with jewellery made of Meenakari work.

Rajasthani Pattern Attracts the Shoppers:

Shopping These jewellery shops also provide the facility for the shoppers from other state to take their order and then make the jewellery according to their wish and then send it across to the customer. But however this includes a high postal charge and at times there are also chances of being cheated by the duplicate ones. So it is always best to take the ornament along with us. Most of the gold jewellery sold here bears the typical Rajasthani pattern which attracts the shoppers coming from other states and countries. Unlike any other market the gold shops or the stores at Johari bazaar does not allow you to bargain. But however most of the shops provide a number of discount schemes in timely intervals especially at time of festivals like Diwali and New Year celebrations.

Laakh ki Choodiyan and the famous Lehnga Chunri of Jaipur stands out as a must item which has to be purchased from the shops of Johari bazaar. The main entertainment of the Johari bazaar is its jewelry which mirrors the eternal or everlasting compelling attractiveness of crowned heads and highlights in sparkling colors. Alluring jewellery from the markets of Johari bazaar surprises the visitors across the globe too. The ornaments form Jaipur matches any occasion be it a fashion show or a traditional occasion. There are exclusive shops say each shop might specialize in either gold, diamonds, silver or only gold.

Johari Bazaar Noted for Emerald Jewellery

Footwear Shopping There are lot of vendors at Johari bazaar like silver smith, goldsmith where each deals or trade with a wide of array of things like silver, diamond, gold, precious stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire & semi-precious stone like turquoise, amethyst, quartz and also pearls. This place is also noted for manufacturing of emerald jewelleries. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and several other varieties of jewelry remain extensively showcased in Johari Bazaar. The shoppers mainly go forward to buy gold jewelries that are adorned with emeralds, pearls, rubies and diamonds.

Johari Bazaar Exclusively Deals with Kundan Jewelry:

Designer Lamp Shopping Most of these gleaming jewelries that overfill the shops of the Johari Bazaar are positive and much more than enough to send the customers into a state of trance. Kundan and Meenakari are more unique among the Jaipur jewellery. Lot of shops in Johari bazaar exclusively deal with Kundan Jewelry where the artisans who are into this art should require a distinct skill and knowledge about kundan. Johari bazaar possesses a lot of shops that sell the brilliantly created kundan jewelries. Meenakari Jewelry, a famous jewelry variety of Rajasthan is also sold in the shops of Johari bazaar.

Johari bazaar though being the hub of jewelry market in Jaipur it is also noted for selling saris mainly the tie and dye varieties. When it comes to textiles it is promising to get an excellent bargain rates for conventional textiles created with tie and dye in many shops of Johari bazaar. The specialty of the Johari bazaar is that it is not only a place to buy but also if we are interested can get into the side lanes to see the artisans at work. It is very interesting to see the making of the jewelry items. The kundan style jewelry which is available in the Johari bazaar has found a strong market across the globe.

Johari Bazaar Sells Exotic Blue Pottery Products

Sandals Shopping There are lot of shops in the Johari bazaar which sell exotic blue pottery products, textiles and home furnishing products adorned with batik painting lock printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru, tie & dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), sandal wood carving items, beautiful stone carvings, etc. Though Johari bazaar is the best market for precious and semi-precious stones, ornaments and jewellery the Tripolia bazaar also has many shops dealing with vibrant jewelry and related accessories.