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Karol Bagh also spelt as Qarol Bagh, is one of the shopper's delights of Delhi where one can find everything in the world. Karol Bagh accommodates both commercial and residential areas with major shopping streets like Ghaffar Market and Ajmal Khan Road. Karol Bagh is a part of the Central Delhi administrative subdivisions and the other two being Darya Ganj and Paharganj. It was also home to the Karol Bagh Lok Sabha constituency till it was abolished in 2008, now it is a Legislative Assembly of Delhi segment of the New Delhi constituency.

Karol Bagh Market It was during the period of 1920's when the project of building up of Connaught place came up that people living in the villages of Madhoganj, Jaisingh Pura, Raja ka Bazaar and nearby had to vacate and moved into the Western part of Karol Bagh which was more of a rocky area full of trees and wild bushes. Initially Karol Bagh was dominated by more of Muslim population who later during 1947 departed in mass to Pakistan and at the same there was a major inflow of people from West Punjab as refugees and most of them were traders. But today Karol Bagh has a majority of Tamil speaking and Marathi population. Karol Bagh has also a fairly enough crowd of Bengali population where most of them work as jewelers. But however this has been increased to many folds in recent years.

Bengalis living in Karol Bagh are responsible for one of the most famous and oldest traditional Durga pooja celebrations in the city. Karol Bagh being the shoppers delight of not only the dwellers of the national capital but also the visitors coming to India is also noted for various riots in the state like the anti- Sikh riots which happened in 1984 during which lot of shops were burnt. Also the year 2008 witnessed a bomb blast in Ghaffar Market by the terrorists. Apart from Ghaffar Market and Ajmal Khan Road being the main shopping area in Karol Bagh there are also other interesting places like Raigar Pura, Beadon Pura's Famous Tample, Dev Nagar, Bapa Nagar and W.E.A. Tank Road is another area which has to be mentioned, for this is the place for wholesale garments. This area during the end of 1980's had very few shops but now it is crowded with extreme number of shops.

Karol Bagh has Huge Fancy Stores

Handbag and Saree Shopping People who visit Delhi will never miss out on the shopping paradise of Delhi, Karol Bagh for it is noted for readymade garments, cotton yarn and embroidered garments most of them which comes at a very inexpensive pricing. But however today Karol Bagh has much more than this having huge fancy stores, big international labels and all kinds of Indian eatables and masalas. A weekly informal market known as haat is held on every Monday of the week during which most of the other big stores have their weekly shut down. The haat which is conducted in Karol Bagh is supposed to be the biggest of its kind in Delhi. Ajmal Khan Road has more of textile shops which include cotton materials and stitched embroidered garments as their wares.

Karol Bagh is very famous for the huge second hand book market which is located in the Arya Samaj road. Most of the jewellery shops are concentrated in the Bank Street with rows and rows of shops taking small lanes too. Some of the most popular shops in the market place are Punjab Jewellers, Mehrae-Di-Hatti, Bimal and Khanna Jewellers. People who visit Delhi also never miss out the Ghaffar market which is noted for its imported and smuggled goods in every possible bracket. The Ghaffar market sells cheap phones which includes second hand iPods and iPhones. Nobody can escape from the vehement desire or passion to shop at Roshan Di Kulfi once we have decided to shop.

Interesting Eating Joints Attract Crowd:

Vegetable Market Some of the interesting eating joints which attract crowd are Tera Hotel, Pind Balluchi and Hotel Balaji. Some of the favorite dishes which is commonly found or the most convenient to eat of those who eat while shopping are Sardar ki Tikkis, Anjalika's sandwiches. Popcorn, berjer and sweet corn are other choices served in the street corners and pavements. There is simply no escape from Roshan Di Kulfi, once you set out to shop here. It is a rage! Tera Hotel is a dhaba that pulls the crowds. Pind Balluchi and Hotel Balaji are the bigger restaurants. Simpler ones like Shudh and Raffles are more convenient eat-while-you-shop places. Sardar ki Tikkis (potato-filled spicy cutlets) and Anjalika's sandwiches are local favorites.

The Ghaffar Market is named after the freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and the historic Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College is located here which was inaugurated in the year 1921 by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, belonging to the Delhi University is also situated here. Though once upon a time shopping at Karol Bagh was meant to be for the middle class people today, even the opulent rich people come to Ajmal Khan Road, Arya Samaj Road and the Ghaffar Market for shopping. Added to this now there is more number of western businesses which has found them well established in Karol Bagh.

Karol Bagh connected to Delhi Metro

Shoes Shopping Some of the Western establishment which are doing successful business here includes Pizza Hut, TGIF, Reebok, Sketchers, Puma and Lacoste. It takes 20- 22 kms from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Delhi Metro located on the Blue Line is also connected to Karol Bagh from the year 2009.People throng to Karol Bagh to buy a wide variety of things especially on the weekly market day. There are lots of other tourist attractions in and around Karol Bagh but however most of them come here mainly for grabbing a number of shopping items from its vibrant market place.

Notable Places in the Vicinity of Karol Bagh:

Shopping It is not a surprising fact for most of the market organization wants to establish their network in Karol Bagh for the only fact that it is one of the most busiest market in India where all class of people visit. The other notable places in the vicinity of Karol Bagh other than the shopping areas include the R.K. Films and Media Academy. This was initially started as an Acting School and is now very well established in the country capital. The infrastructure of the R.K. Films and Media Academy has to be appreciated and also the manpower with efficient media skills is wonderful. They have an excellent in-house production feature which teaches environment outcome likely or possible and media related education. This career oriented institute is dedicated for offering education for the populace, bringing multifaceted media and entertainment industry under a single roof.

In spite of a major commercialization Karol Bagh still remains with its old charm thereby giving the visitors the feel of a traditional atmosphere. A journey around the market of Karol Bagh gives the people a tour worth remembering involvement where it is sure to give the visitors an understanding of typical features of the native Indian trading features. The typical or the most commonly seen houses here exhibit the finest workmanship of the Indians and other extraordinary inborn skills competing with the modern characteristics which shows the extreme change that displays the contemporary and modern city. Thus a swarming around the Karol Bagh market gives us a clear picture of the magnificent blend of the contemporary and conventional shops.

Karol Bagh industry has got innumerable Roads

Footwear Shopping The street of the Karol Bagh industry has got innumerable roads leading both small and big lanes where the roads of the market concentrates on offering specific or a particular product. The Silver Street in Karol Bagh focuses only on Silver and Silver Jewellery and also deals with partial gemstones and diamonds. The day in Karol Bagh effectively starts by 10 in the morning and winds by 9'o clock in the evening. However during winter the days are short. The curbside booths are mostly awake for a longer time for passersby and this is still possible to do something of purchasing. The market place of Karol Bagh being visited by thousands and thousands of people every day the parking has to be taken care of to a great extent. The stack parking facility at Karol bagh enables parking for the huge number of vehicles coming in.

Karol Bagh houses reputed showrooms :

Handbag Shopping Karol bagh is a lonely planet by itself with audacious middle class market scintillating with all glittering things starting from Lehanga choli to the princess-style shoes, spices, fruit and nuts packed in shiny paper and chrome motorcycle parts. The silver street has some of the finest goldsmiths and silversmiths who are the art makers of extra ordinary designer and antique jewellery. The Monday haat of Karol Bagh is supposed to be one of the most famous grey markets in India. Some of the best and reputed show rooms of Delhi are located in the Ajmal Khan market. Tank road which is known for its readymade market has the best and cheap denim clothes. There are also number of small shops in the dingy lanes of Karol Bagh which sell a wide array of perfumes, oils, soaps and incense.

Some of the big notable textile show rooms in Karol Bagh which rubs shoulders with their Indian counterparts are Westside, Levi's, Spykar, United Colors of Benetton and Park Avenue. The Spice sultan, Roopak, premium designer wear house, CTC Emporio, Indian ethnic wear major, Frontier Bazaar, traditional saree titans, Ram Chandra Kishan Chandra, Chhabra 555 and Bombay Selection are the notable Indian players. Karol Bagh is the terminus for most of the omni buses. All kinds of Public transport of Delhi including NCR, Public transport and Metro rail from all parts of Delhi can reach Karol Bagh. Apart from the local transport, Delhi is very well connected to the rest of the country by rail, road and air. Apart from all these facilities the Railway Stations at Old Delhi and the New Delhi have links with most of the rail links of the country.