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Sardar market in Jodhpur town is situated in close proximity to the clock tower which is one of the major landmarks of the city. The clock tower was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh, after whom this market got its name. Sardar Market is noted for its general merchandize and bandhini materials. Sardar market has number of narrow lanes leading form the main street and each lane is lined with lot of both tiny and big shops on both the sides where each shop deals with a variety of handicrafts items and also sweets

Sardar Market Jodhpur Some of the most common items which can be purchased from the Sardar market are tie and dye textiles, embroidered leather shoes, clay figurines, miniature camels and elephants, lacquer ware, antiques, carpets, puppets, marble inlay work and classic silver jewellery, etc.The natives of Udaipur even if they don't have any intention to buy still try and make a visit to the Sardar market only to experience the sight and sound of the market for it is extremely impressive with a blend of human species, a display where we can have a cool look around and can see what generally transpires in a busy and noisy Indian market in a city on the run.

Apart from the shops there are also street hawkers in Sardar market who sells everything like bangles, imitation jewellery, fruit & veg, spices, pottery, baskets, clothes, etc. Some of the items which are a special product of Jodhpur sold in the Sardar market are pashmina shawls, spice mixtures, rugs and home furnishings, traditional Jodhpuri suit, bandhini saris and fabrics and mojris. The spices and distinct flavors of tea are more concentrated in the clock tower area which is in the vicinity to the Sardar market. The red chilli powder is very famous in this area. Sardar market being one of the oldest markets of Jodhpur is very always very active and busy having more than 6,000 to 7,000 tiny shops.

Sardar Market is a Prime Attraction of the City:

Cooking Vegetables Shopping So if we are ready to walk, the walk through the market is going to be extremely exciting. To wet our throats in between the shopping there are number of sellers in the pavement who sell sugar cane juice, lassi, ice cream, kulfi and yoghurts. Generally the products sold in this market are priced low than the markets in Mumbai and Delhi. Sardar market is a prime attraction of the city and one of the happening hang outs for the people of Jodhpur. A visit to the Sardar market will cover the entire requirement for the shoppers including handicrafts, clothes, accessories, spices, fruits and vegetables. Like any other market bargaining is also required in the Sardar market. If we are good at bargaining then we can do fair deals.

Sardar market is a lively local market:

Vegetables in Sardar Market But sometimes when we look at the handcrafted items time and energy goes after creating such exquisite pieces comes into consideration. Sardar market gives a beautiful picture of the lively local market with a vibrant and chaotic affair. Apart from the natives of Jodhpur the tourists who come to this market sometimes bring a travel guide along with them. In such case the shop keepers immediately increase the rate by at least 35% because they will have to pay commission to the guide. So it is always best to avoid the guide when we visit such place. As we step towards the Sardar market the narrow alleys dart into the busy bazaar selling anything and everything from textiles, antiques, silverware to handicrafts. Each lane has its own specialty.

Bangles of Jodhpur are famous not only among the natives but also for people coming from different parts of the country in the Sardar market. The main entrance to Sardar Market is from the opposite side, coming up from Nai Sadak, through a gate which is named Girdikot which means crowded gate. The shops at the entrance of the Sardar market in the Nai Sadak area sell saris and shoes. Nai Sadak has always been lined with sari and shoe shops. The range of items seen in this bazaar varies from its specialty, tie & dye textiles and hand embroidered leather shoes, to lacquer ware, genuine and 'just-made' antiques, carpets and rugs, quilts and blankets in winter, puppets dressed in typical Rajasthan styles to exquisite Rajasthan textiles, filigreed miniature beasts of burden, marble inlay work and old-age silver jewellery.

Sardar Market Gives an Evocative Picture of the 19th Century Town:

Decorative Items Near Sardar Market The Sardar market gives an evocative picture of the 19th century town planning gone awry. The most common picture of the Sardar market is the loud bargaining coming out from the tiny shops with lot of entertaining and infuriating chaos and customers lining up on both the sides of the lane. Sardar market sells things which are a splendid mix of latest architectural ideas with Rajput traditions which are loaded with facts. There are lot of shops in the Sardar market which sell the traditional Rajasthan sweets. The Sardar market also sells second hand products or old items like books, bags and other lumbers. There may be at least close to 7,000 shops in and around Sardar market all compared to the size of a match box !!.

Some of the Visual Delights of the Sardar Market:

Bangles Shopping in Sardar Market Some of the visual delights of the Sardar market are exquisite bangles and beautiful scarves, lovely handmade bags and Jooties. It is a general advice to the shoppers who go to this market not to bargain on a large scale for this market sells things at a very reasonable rate than any other market in the country. So it is good not to hammer down prices as a lot of manual work goes into the making of these intricate items and objects. The Sardar market gives a scary look with the electricity and phone lines which are twisted together and untidily knotted. Though it is a common sight in most of the Indian markets sometimes it is really scary. The cloth market in Sardar market is really very colorful with lot of varieties and it is just off from the fruit and vegetable market.

Sardar Market is a riot of sights and sounds:

Mud Pots Shopping The cloth market here looks more like a maze of narrow passages where each shop opens up with a small entrance and stacked from floor to ceiling with vibrantly colored cloth. Most of the clothes sold in this market and generally in the state of Rajasthan are bright like reds, pinks and greens that really stand out and the reason behind these bright hues are that they can be easily spotted in the desert. Some of the most famous souvenirs which can be carried back from here for the loved ones are Bandhej saris and fabric, Mojris or Jootis, among many others.The Sardar market has trade market of the other Rajasthan markets too like riot of sights, sounds and stinks.

Shopkeepers at Sardar Market are Quite Friendly:

Saree Materials Shopping The shopkeepers at Sardar market are quite friendly and if we take time to go through the items chatting with the shop keeper they are sure to greet you with all over and sometimes even with a cup of chai. This is a realistic outstanding feature of Rajasthan hospitality. The shop keepers are very genuine and cordial- who always for an outsider will be ready to offer a chai which is thorough reason to show their hospitality. When it comes to business they even don't mind to pull down all the things to put in display to you for they are always very proud of their business. Mojris or Jootis with pointed front is one of the best buy from any of the local markets in Rajasthan.

Cooking Ingredients Purchasing Apart from the handicraft items sold in the Sardar market some of the other items which are special from this market are spices and tea where we just have to pay 100-150 Rs for each 200g packet of spices or 150g packet of tea. We can buy a variety of masala mix from the Sardar market like one for vegetables, rice, meat, fish, etc. Apart from the spices which are sold in this market like cardamom, vanilla, and saffron there are also different bends of tea like cinnamon-infused Kashmiri Khawa, masala mix to add to Assam/Darjeeling, and ginger tea. Some of the notable shops of the market include Ganesh Handicrafts which deals with jewelry, textile, clothes and furniture.

Most Common Items of the Sardar Market Shops are Readymade Garments:

Sardar Market Shops The rates are fixed and do not entertain bargaining. They also deal with bulk items which are done for the purpose of international shopping. This shop is attached with huge factory from where the products are taken directly for shipping. National handloom is another famous textile shop in the market and also has number of outlets throughout the city. This is a four storey shop where the muddle of items inside is genuinely Indian but still is fairly priced, clearly marked, and hassle-free. For spices, the Sun City spice is the most famous shop in the area. Bishnoi Village Art situated at the entrance of Sardar market is the Bishon village art which gives a reasonable price for all their products. Thus the most common items of the Sardar market shops are readymade garments for both men and women, silver and semi precious stones jewellery, cushions, bed sheets and bedcovers, fragrances, gift items, souvenirs, candles, gift packing material, show pieces and handicrafts, gift packaging accessories at great rates.